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The Mindfulness Breakthrough

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mindfulness and conscientiousness in action

One of the greatest challenges to all of us in our daily decision making is to not be overwhelmed by the vast array of diversions available to us in our unstructured time.  I remember reading years ago that one edition of the Wall Street Journal contained more information than the average person living in the 16th century was exposed to in a life time. Now information is pouring in at a blinding pace not only from monitors and television sets but from hand held devices. Whether they be cell phone, lap top, or I-pad there is the ability to have streaming information added to any environment. The challenge is that the diversions often are so compelling that it is easy to lose our bearings with no conscious internal guidelines.

How do we do we keep from doing this? read more »

Navigating Better Through Paradoxical Times

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Good Reasons To Have Therapy When You Don't Need It.

I know this sounds strange, but a good psychiatrist friend of mine once said that the great short coming of the psychological counseling profession was that the only people who came to her were those in real mental pain. Hardly anyone showed up doing just fine, but seeking  to do better.   In our culture,  we see doctors when we are sick. Furthermore, seeing a mental illness specialist is admitting to the world that we need help, but only from a negative sense. Terence Mckenna, the noteworthy ethnobotanist, once said that “Culture is your enemy,” meaning that there are social morays and dictates that might serve you in one sense, but restrict you in another.

So what is the point I am making….? read more »

Practicing The Three “P’s” For Creativity And Decision Making

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This looks like a scarry place

As I scan the daily newspaper articles on line I see such titles as “Sliding Down The Ladder and Have You Had To Take A Paycut?” For those that lose a job or suddenly find that they are upside down financially without knowing how it is all going to work out willing or not they are in that state knowin as the  “Chaos of creation.”

If you are there, and we all have been I find it useful to reflect on what Peter Caddy told me had to do… read more »

Our Budget –The Personal Disconnect, What Has Happened, And What Could Happen

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What Really Matters

Every family and individual knows that if you live outside of your means through whatever means are available there will usually come a day of reckoning, and fairly soon.  Yes, you can have difficult times, get a loan,  get back on your feet and pay it off.  But the picture is fairly clear and understandable.

In a truly healthy community all of the services have value and all of the people that provide them need a healthy and sustainable way to live.  Schools need decent teachers, your teeth need to be cleaned, the garbage needs to be collected, fires need to be put out, etc.

But what happens when that process becomes so large, so complicated and so convoluted that it becomes a giant shell game?  Those who are skilled take advantage of those who are not. Simple. That is what seems to have happened with our government budget and why it is becoming so difficult for us to relate. The larger it gets those with skill harvest the low hanging fruit and give the bill to not only those not so skilled but to the future generations as well. It  becomes a giant ponzi scheme in which those who are charged with changing it benefit by it being large. How does this all work out…? read more »

How Are You Going to “Know Thyself?”

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The Oracle

The Oracle at Delphi offers two pieces of advice to humankind, (1) nothing in excess and (2) know thyself. We are all pretty familiar with excess when it happens, and can begin to course correct. But knowing one’s self is an entirely different matter. In fact for most of us it is a life time chore.

For example it is only in the last twenty years or so that the almighty IQ as the basis of measuring intelligence has been expanded to include EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ ( spiritual quotient) and thereby includes people  and re-frame  aptitudes.

So how are you going to know yourself better? read more »

News You Can Use About Exercise

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"Hey, man, these have got to fit right. I've got to hit the courts."

I subscribe to Bottom line Newsletter and found this article which  has information we can all benefit by.


Are you a person who likes to roll out of bed and hit the gym… or the pool, the track or the tennis court — or do you prefer an afternoon or evening workout? Exercise however you like, but according to a new study, you might want to put some planning into when you work out. Belgian researchers found that exercising before eating — on an empty stomach, something most people have only first thing in the morning or late afternoon — has several beneficial effects, including preventing weight gain and warding off a truly serious disease.

AN UNUSUAL STUDY — THEY ATE JUNK FOOD. See what they found out. read more »

The Kind of Decision Making That Kills Creativity

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Yep, suffering from lack of creativity

“The Worst Career Advice: Do What You Love”

I saw this headline on an article on Business Net and could not help but think how much it can cut the creative process short.

“It is  one of the worst pieces of career advice that I bet each of you has not only received but given,”  says author Penelope Trunk, “ Forget that. It’s absurd. Career decisions are not decisions about what do I love most. Career decisions are about what kind of life do I want to set up for myself. After all , how could you possibly pick one thing you love to do?”

Well, here’s another way to think about it … read more »

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