Writing A Book, A New Paradigm

I am in the midst of a blog tour right now. I know many of you might wonder what that is, and up until the last several months I would been asking the same question. I am following a new kind of decision making model. Stick with me.

It used to be, and I mean within the last five years, that if you wrote a book you would seek an agent who would then look for a publisher. Your effort would center around finding the right agent and then participating in the activities your publisher arranged. With the squeeze on the publishing business the publishers cannot make any money with a new author unless that author is high profile  with an eager following. Those people are far and few between. so what do you do?

New authors must embrace the idea of self-publishing and marketing via the internet as an end in itself, or to at least build a sufficient track record so as to attract an established publisher.

In my case to produce the book I went to Createspace, a digital printer, and an arm of Amazon. They are highly recommended because they have immediate, god bless them, telephone service accompanying their online services. But this just gets your book ready to distribute via on demand printing and or the Kindle version. You must still tell the world about the marvelous thing you have created. So how do you accomplish this?

As they say, ” All roads lead to Rome,” and their are numerous roads that will get you there. After a full career in advertising, this is a whole new game. I am having to find new gurus to trust, surrender to them, and follow the bread crumb trail they lay out.

My journey has included creating this wordpress  blog, so people would get to know me. Winton Churchill, a best selling author,  became my marketing guru. He oriented me to the use of e-lance, a worldwide source of free lance help. Among his recommendations was the use of an internet publicist, Nikki Leigh, who has created this blog tour. The blog tour is a scheduled promotion of the book via those people who review books and have a following.

On my pages section to the right of this post you will see a page called “See My Current Blog Tour Schedule.” Click on that and you will see who I am being reviewed by and when.

You will want to take advantage of all of the promotional tools Createspace and Amazon offer as well as getting your friends and others to review and promote your book.

Like any adventure, there will be achievements and reversals. In my case I have chosen to engage in this journey utilizing the criteria I write about in my book, which is to follow my intuition, embrace those who show up, pay attention to the synchronicities and see where it all goes. In this regard  it is a new decision making model. As the content of my book suggests, I will report on how this paint by the numbers approach  is working out.

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