Why Positive Imaging Sometimes Goes Awry

I have been on a blog tour promoting my book, “How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking, A Creative Blueprint For The 21st Century.” One of my hosts had posed the question, “What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about your subject/genre, that isn’t so?”

I am primarily writing about looking at our life’s journey from the perspective that we are creating it.

I feel that the popular view is that much of what happens is just luck, good or bad, and in many cases simply the breaks. While I certainly cannot prove it, the new quantum physics evidence, seems to suggest that our intents and beliefs put certain forces in play. The idea a lot of people have is that if they just have positive thoughts, then that ought to produce positive outcomes. However our doubts, fears, and other emotional inputs combined with those of everyone else can deliver just the opposite results. That leaves many people feeling that positive imaging is just so much wishful thinking, but not much more. But why is this?

I feel that a good way to look at this is that positive imaging can set a course. The important thing is that we feel good about the course and that we have the energy for it. That launches us. Yet so many seem to want an instant gratification as if by magic. Yet that rarely happens. There are set backs, curves in the road, and a host of obstacles which seem to present themselves. In Malcom Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he refers to the magic number of 10,000 hours someone must muster to achieve a goal of mastery. Obviously other desires and intentions can deliver with much less effort. The point however, is that in most cases there must be a determined effort. In this way the forces of the universe can in the background bring conditions and people into play which eventually makes your effort pay off.

There is the cute story of the man whom God had spoken to an assured him that he would win the lottery. After numerous misses, the despondent man heard the voice of God say to him, “Hymie, you must do your part. You must at least purchase a ticket.”

Armed with the proper perspective we can embrace the challenges that seem to be coming from all directions, and if feeling that we are in the right space doing the right thing, that whatever happens it will be a rewarding and enriching experience.

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