The Journey of Truth

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. “  Arthur Schopenhauer

In today’s world you have to be very vigilant in discerning truth from hype.  I am currently living in Mexico. People back in the states asked me if I am not crazy saying matter of factly they would not go near Mexico with a ten foot pole.  Are they right?I always respond by saying that there are parts of most big American cities I would not venture into and if there were really serious problems for Americans in Mexico you would be hearing about it.

Peter Greenberg of The Contrarian Traveler has written  an article, ” Is It Safe To Visit Mexico Now.” In this article he makes just such a case. Yes there are problems in the border cities, but most of the killings are cartel to cartel and avoiding the areas of major concern is a reasonable thing to do. But is that the case for the entire country? Hardly.  We simply have to put things into perspective.  This kind of hype prevails much of the news today and it requires that people really question what is being said.

A certain amount of caution is extremely useful. An over abundance of fear not based on reality can stifle one’s ability to embrace life. The same person who would be afraid to go to Mexico might think nothing of going down a black diamond ski run, only because that person is intimately familiar with skiing. They know the risks. Or  look at the vast numbers of people who live on huge fault lines that could produce the biggest earthquakes the world has yet to experience and untold tragedy.

So what is the point? It is that we need to assess the real picture. We need to seek the truth of a situation before we brand it. I write a lot about using your intuition. Perhaps that is the real question for each person, to ask themselves, ” What are the facts, and is this thing that I am thinking about doing the right thing for me to be doing?” Perhaps that is the best guide of all.

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  1. Chet Lesiak says:

    I learned your blog web site on google and examine a couple of of one’s early posts. Continue to keep up the very beneficial function. I just additional up your Rss feed to my Msn Information Reader. Searching for forward to reading more from you later on!?

    • Sandy says:

      Thanks, Chet, glad you are enjoying it. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would enjoy more on. Sandy

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