Creative Decision Making: What Am I Going To Do With The Rest Of My Life?

Or how difficult is it going to be for me to manifest what I really want?

Could this be part of your dream?

Once I was in a seminar that was being given and were asked to write our selves a make-believe check for as much money as we could ever want. Having done that the next part of the exercise was to write down what our new life would be like: what we were going to be doing.

The idea was for us to compare what we were doing now with what we would be doing as a result of our new found wealth. Here is the catch…

If what you would be doing is drastically different than what you are doing now the idea is to examine what exactly is holding you back.  For example you might have said that you would be living in a certain location and would be traveling and exploring. For this exercise the question posed is what is keeping you from moving to that location and what is keeping you from traveling and exploring.

Intellectually there is a whole host of things that you could think of as being in the way. There’s  your job, kids in school, closeness to relatives etc: you name it. Yet the real revelation revealed to you was that living in that location and traveling was all that loads of money would have meant to you.

So the next part of the exercise was to examine how difficult it would really be to start changing now. What would it really take for you to make the move now or at least in a truly short time.  Yes, you might have to give up your job and other familiar conveniences, and yes, it might be a bit of a struggle at first, but if you really want it, could you do it?  Upon close examination most of the barriers we bring up are not impossible to change. After completing graduate school, I knew that I wanted to live in Honolulu. I had no job. I bought a one way ticket and took two suitcases. That was it. Yes, the first year was a bit dicey, but slowly things came together. I got a foothold, a job, and then a career. I was in the place I loved.  I never regretted it. And frequently when returning home from the mainland, people going to Hawaii for that once in a life time trip would ask ” Where is your home?” I would smile and say, “Honolulu.” They would say, ” How did you do that?” I would simply smile and say, “Things just worked out.”

I have been writing about thinking patterns, and invisible partners who seem to smooth the way.

So my advice is to try this small exercise. See how much of what you want without the big check could be initiated. You will be surprised later looking back on  how this simple exercise  made such a huge difference in your life.

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