Another Ulifting Review for Sandy’s Latest Book

Wayne Hulbert of Blogbusinessworld has these kind words to say about Sandy’s intuitive decision making journey.

“Sandy Sims  offers a more profound, and personally challenging vision than one of architectural design and creative thinking. With a powerful spiritual curiosity, combined with a hands on desire for empirical and observational evidence, Sandy Sims enters into a world where the material world dissolves into dust.”

“For me, the power of the book is how Sandy Sims combines the seemingly separate practical worlds of building and business, with the world of the metaphysical and spirituality.”

“I highly recommend the inspirational and compelling book How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin and Changed The Way I Think About Thinking: A Creative Thinking Blueprint for the 21st Century by Sandy Sims, to anyone seeking a guide into the spheres of human existence where few ever venture.”

For more of why Wayne feels this way…Read the complete review by Wayne Hurlbert at

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