Is There A Mid Life Crisis? Or Is This Just A Myth?

I ran across the very interesting article by Robin Nixon discussing the idea that the mid life crisis is basically a myth. In it she quotes Alexa Freund.

“There is no specific time in life that predisposes you to crisis,” said Alexandra Freund, a life-span researcher at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

“There can be times when things crystallize as very problematic, a very deep disturbance in your life,” Freund told LiveScience. “People experience these types of crises, but they are not at all related to age.”

If not, what else?

I thought about this in terms of the vast number of people who follow astrology, for example. I don’t particularly find that daily astrology charts seem to mean much to me but then there are the big patterns such as my being a Virgo with Pisces rising and moon in Taurus. If I have these charts explained to me there is a strong pattern of resemblance to the way that I am.  Additionally there is a phenomenon referred to as the “Saturn Return.”

This occurs roughly every thirty years in one’s life, basically the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the Sun. It is a time of endings and new beginnings. Saturn is the ruler of limitations fears, seriousness, responsibilities, burdens and lessons.  As Skye Alexander says,

“The first return at around age thirty then is the end of youth and the beginning of productive adult life. It is the first test of character. It is the time when you must step out and put into practice what you have learned.” There is perhaps a sense of urgency and resolve. Gail Sheehy in her book, Passages, called it a time of “predictable crisis.” It strips away illusions and almost always requires adjustments, some quite painful. When I look back on this period, that was exactly true. It was a period that was intensely trying. I had gone to college, served in the military, gone back to graduate school and now it was time to see if I could actually succeed on my own terms. I had dreaded this moment. And indeed I did struggle for the next several years getting a foothold.

The second return occurs at the end of our fifties and beginning of our sixties. If you have made progress in the first return the second one will be challenging but you will have acquired tools to cope.  During this period I was in the midst of a divorce and cancer diagnosis.

So the question posed was is there any predictability in the times when we will face crisis.  On the one hand there is one school of thought that says, “no.” On the other hand there is another school that says that yes there are astrological periods when crisis can be expected.

I cannot say that it is absolute for everybody, but part of the mission of this blog is to encourage everyone to check things out for themselves. Where are you in this age pattern and what is going on for you? I maintain there are numerous forces and patterns in the universe at play in our lives that we have yet to scientifically establish. Yet, we can learn to be our own best judge as to the whether there is merit in the so called myths or not.

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  1. Ava says:

    I think that people often have a “mid-life crisis” because they have either made too much money and are emotionally bankrupt or because they have spent too much money and don’t have any left. This is usually at the “mid-life” point, 45 to 60.

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