Some Interesting News In The Cancer World

One of the big trends in medicine is the fact that with so many Americans now being diagnosed with cancer many are flocking to the alternative treatment world.

Who do you turn to after the diagnosis? One of the best starting points is Ralph Moss, Phd., a dedicated researcher to new therapies and break thoughs around the world. He is a person you want to know about…

I found this post particularly interesting because you can see that mainstream medicine is finally moving into the alternative world, Thank God. From Ralph’s blog : Ralph says,

“One of the hardest questions to answer is which, out of the many supplements really benefits cancer patients? There are many self-interested statements of benefit, but an inadequate amount of objective research on what is effective and what is not.

I therefore want to call your attention to an interesting article from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). It compared the following seven botanical extracts and fractions:

(1) H-48 (a Chinese mixture of herbs)

(2) Coriolus vesicolor, or its derivatives: purified polysaccharide-K (PSK) or purified polysaccharide-peptide (PSP)

(3) Maitake mushroom extract

(4) Echinacea

(5) Astragalus root

(6) The yellow spice turmeric; and

(7) β-glucan derived from yeast.
All of these are popular supplements used by cancer patients. The MSKCC authors looked at the ability of these substances to induce immune reactions in laboratory mice. Specifics on these products, and how they were tested, are given in the reference below. (The full paper is available for free, and readers should consult that text for details).

The bottom line of the study was this:
Consistently significant activity was seen with four of the preparations:

(1) Coriolus mushroom extracts (especially PSK);

(2) Alcohol extract of astragalus;

(3) yeast β-glucan; and (to a lesser extent)

(4) Maitake mushrooms.
Little or no adjuvant activity was demonstrated with H48, Echinacea extracts or a water-based extract of astragalus. The results with turmeric were mixed (but the New Chapter brand of turmeric was active.)

Ralph’s website is a very valuable resource for anyone facing the challenge of cancer.

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