Amping Up To The Next Level

If you talk among friends there is a feeling expressed by many that we are not just experiencing cycles of change, but a profound change, something we cannot put our finger on. What might it be….?

There is an electromagnetic pulse of the earth’s magnetic field that is had been 7.8 cycles per second for thousands of years. This is referred to as the Schuman Resonance. There  seems to be speculation that this number is changing. According to some sources it has been rising since 1980 to about 12 cycles per second. As it approaches 13 we get the next number on the Fibonacci scale  (1,2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21….note it is formed by the sum of the previous two integers. ). This is a number that expresses itself in ratios throughout the natural order.  Perhaps as an oversimplification it suggests all life forms maybe having to adjust to a new cycle.  Is this information true? Possibly. If so, what are some of the responses it might bring ?

In all endeavors the bar is being raised. It is as if as we learn more we can accomplish more, and as we accomplish more we expect more. The human potential seems to keep revealing itself much like a seed grows to a plant or a tree. As conditions change we make the necessary changes to survive.

How to  use  our minds is being recognized as the key to this transition.

Technology. At its core it is connecting us instantly. Half the world has a cell phone. Information is only a click away on Google. While it provides convenience and connectivity it also demands continuous learning, a stress for many. Transparency as expressed through the instant revelation of Wiki leaks will become more of the norm. One of the by products as having been discussed here as a frequent theme is that we will need to develop and trust our intuition. Linear thinking time is slowly being hijacked.

Human potential is being expressed not only mentally but physically. If you remember the Jamaican runner, Hussein Bolt, seemed to almost effortlessly set world records in the sprints as if he still had reserves. It wasn’t long ago that olympic gold  medal winner Olga Korbut amazed the world with a backwards flip on the beam. It is now a standard requirement for any competitor.

To rise to this level there are the attendant responses. For example:

Getting into and staying in good shape is a key.  For example  as many must  travel for  work the need to stay in shape is “a must.”  Andrea Sachs from the Washington Post notes that fitness centers in hotels in the last 20 years have gone from optional to required. Gone are the small little workout rooms with a treadmill and maybe one weight machine. In the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s 2010 lodging survey of 8,500 U.S. properties 83% said they have exercise room/health/fitness facilities up from 63% in six short years. Many of these facilities now boast spas with mind as well as body training.

As our food becomes industrialized and nutrient deprived , we flock to health food alternatives, supplements and mindful health practices. This is not just intellectual. Our bodies point us in these directions.

On the other hand perhaps a negative response to the stress brought on by this change is overeating and its attendant obesity.

The use of our minds in new ways is becoming more mainstream. There are concrete examples of people using their minds.  In the Sunday Parade Magazine there is an article called the “112 Million Woman” it says Cynthia Stafford saw her self winning the lottery and did. In 2007 she was raising five children and struggling to pay bills. She lulled her self to sleep every evening imaging holding a lottery check for exactly $112 followed by a bunch of zeroes. She said she even pictured what she would be wearing, a lime-green blouse with a leaf print. What was she wearing when she found out what her $2 ticket was worth exactly $112 million? You guessed it, the lime green blouse with a leaf print. She said she sat in silence for a period of time to reflect on how powerful our minds can be.

It is too bad that the mainstream news is not at least partially dedicated to communicating  in a higher profile way  the necessity of using our minds in new ways and examples like that of Cynthia.  It would be news that we could use.

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