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How Do I Reach A Mindfulness Breakthrough?

Posted in Thinking Patterns on January 24th, 2011 by Sandy – 2 Comments

Get a little help from your friends

It is very easy to pass unconsciously through our day. We get up, routinely perform a number of rituals, go to work,  fall  into a slipstream of familiar activity, and wind up the day. The content of the day becomes every thing. The trick is to use your creative thinking to become a  mindful observer of the context at the same time. How do we do that….? read more »

Amping Up To The Next Level

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21st, 2011 by Sandy – 1 Comment

If you talk among friends there is a feeling expressed by many that we are not just experiencing cycles of change, but a profound change, something we cannot put our finger on. What might it be….? read more »

Why Channelled Information Is Good For Your Creativity

Posted in Thinking Patterns on January 15th, 2011 by Sandy – 3 Comments

As I have written I had a career in advertising. What was important was to have a wide range of inputs that were both stimulating and provocative. (This is one profession in which a liberal arts background can really pay off.)  You needed to be able to look for the similarity in dissimilar ideas and to look for different ways of seeing. For example the whole area of the paranormal was one of those areas.

When some one goes into a trance, and is able to channel the information, it does not appear to come from them. It appears to come from somewhere else, but where….? read more »

Some Interesting News In The Cancer World

Posted in Health on January 13th, 2011 by Sandy – 2 Comments

One of the big trends in medicine is the fact that with so many Americans now being diagnosed with cancer many are flocking to the alternative treatment world.

Who do you turn to after the diagnosis? One of the best starting points is Ralph Moss, Phd., a dedicated researcher to new therapies and break thoughs around the world. He is a person you want to know about… read more »

Why Should I Study Metaphysics If I Want To Be Creative?

Posted in Inspirational Quotes, Thinking Patterns on January 10th, 2011 by Sandy – 6 Comments

Terence Mckenna, once said to a group of us in a lecture, “ The world is not just strange, it is stranger than strange.” And now it is changing in front of as if we were in a magic show. Technology has made much of this possible  with instant coverage available to half the world’s population. New species of life are being found  virtually every day. Even repeating physical natural phenomena are wonders to behold( gloriamatutina)  At the same time not just cyclical changes but structural changes are abounding in economics, our climate, and the cultural barriers separating nations and people. Old patterns and explanations are falling apart and the new ones have not arisen. So where does one turn?

Metaphysics is the study of the nature of reality which contains a continuous expression of the novel and strange. It is the pursuit of the great why and how of the universe. The skeptic often stands on labeling ideas as quackery because there is no scientific proof; but lack of proof is not proof of absence.  The great metaphysical questions of how our minds work and their connectivity to other forces are often answered in ancient wisdom texts, channeling, and psychic observation. Yet the    absolute scientific proof lags although quantum physics is closing the  gap. So  here is why we should study metaphysics…. read more »

Just How Happy Am I Going To Be?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7th, 2011 by Sandy – 1 Comment


In the early part of life my pre-occupation was around figuring out “What am I going to do and how is that going to take care of me?” And of course there was the nagging doubt as to whether I could get it together enough to be an entrepreneur. At that time I don’t think happiness ever entered that equation. It was more of an imagined by-product of things going well. Of course the “Pursuit of happiness” was considered so important that it became a guiding principle for the Founding Fathers of America. But who is really going to be happy…..? read more »


Posted in Discoveries on January 4th, 2011 by Sandy – 1 Comment


The nineties brought us a whole new era of communication, starting with e-mails and Microsoft and in the 2000’s expanding into websites and Google. Just as our heads were settling into this new reality, creativity exploded again into a whole new mode of communication: social networking. Today the media reports that this year Facebook took up 8.9% of internet traffic and Google 6.4%. And Twitter has only just begun! How will future decision making be impacted…..? read more »

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