Frank Lloyd Wright Finally Arrives

Front cover

I finally finished this book. The birthing process was longer than any nine months, but well worth it.  I wrote this book for the sheer joy of expressing myself. From there it seemed to take on a life of its’ own.

As a curious soul I was drawn to ideas expressed in much of the New Age hype and lately those expressed in the “Secret.”  It is one thing to talk about creating your own reality and new ways of manifesting them  and another to consciously test the ideas for yourself. This book is…my accounting of just such a journey.

After I wrote the book, it  became clear that if anyone is actually going to read this accounting, I would need to introduce myself. The blog world has emerged as the ideal vehicle.

My focus is mostly on how  manifestation, intuition, and the idea of  invisible partners can improve our lives. The actual writing and distribution of this book is an example of the very process. For example:

I had attended a “Telling your own story workshop” conducted by Mark Travis, a seasoned and gifted teacher to Hollywood directors and screen writers. It was a compelling week-end. Mark whetted my appetite, catalyzing me into action.

Next a writer friend of mine suggested I send my manuscript to her editor, Lana, who critiqued what I had written. Back to the drawing boards.

I moved to San Miguel de Allende and attended a presentation by Stephen  Joseph who had had a career as an editor at the big publishing houses and had written a best seller years back called “The Me Nobody Knows.”  To my good fortune he took an interest in the project giving it a line by line edit twice.

Hooked by professional coaching talent, I could not let it go. I had been in the advertising world for a career so I knew a top designer.

Every step of the way the right people have shown up. I hope you as a reader will join the process. My  very best to you for a joyful and happy New Year

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  1. Congrats on the birth! I love your thinking and thank you for taking Frank Lloyd Wright into 2011.

    Beautiful Job.

    Dr. D

  2. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  3. Aaron Wrixon says:

    I’m glad to have played a small part in its creation Sandy. You must be proud!

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