A Lazy Man’s Way To Meditating Or Why You Should Hang Out In A Bookstore

One of the over riding goals of mediation is to put yourself in a  state of receptivity, or openness: that is you clear your mind from controlling thoughts  and allow whatever can emerge to do so.

Staying Open

I feel that one of the most interesting exercises is to enter a large bookstore with no particular agenda except perhaps to browse the magazine titles, the bargain and or discounted books shelves, best sellers shelves  etc. Why?because it is like going on a small treasure hunt,  being open to whatever happens with the possibility of a pleasant surprise.

Of course encouraging your stay are jazzy coffee shops, lounge chairs, tables  and people being delightfully absorbed. If you are there for two or three hours you’ll probably buy something. worth it though.

More importantly  a smattering of  ideas, current events, and even strange points of view are there to tantalze . Maybe something extremely useful will ambush you. It is fertile ground. A magazine article  or book you never dreamed of entices you into a new world for a moment. Who knows what kind of alchemy can be concocted.

For me a bookstore  can be a fertile place to make contact with my “Invisible Partners” as I let my intuition guide me. ( I write about Invisible Partners in my upcoming book promoted on this blog site).

Half way through writing this blog  article I took a break to watch Nova on Public Broadcasting. The program, “Hunting The Hidden Dimension ” described Benoit Mandelbrot as the pioneer of the break through field of fractal geometry which opened up an entirely new way of understanding the hidden  mathematical  language of nature.  At the beginning of the program there was a discussion of how a man by the name of Carpenter who was working on a complex problem for Boeing Aircraft  had, while browsing casually at a book store, stumbled upon Mandelbrot’s book on Fractals. It gave Carpenter  a whole new approach to mapping landscapes and a turned into a significant breakthrough for both him and his company.

More important to me-  the synchronicity occurring while writing the story. Most of the time I have no idea what I am going to write about. I had this urge to write about the bookstore experience because it is frequently such a discovery for me. I find magazine articles or books which point me in a new direction.  But it is exciting to have an instant endorsement through a synchronicity. It is an “aha” experience, one we should all be on the look out for.

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