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Frank Lloyd Wright Finally Arrives

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Front cover

I finally finished this book. The birthing process was longer than any nine months, but well worth it.  I wrote this book for the sheer joy of expressing myself. From there it seemed to take on a life of its’ own.

As a curious soul I was drawn to ideas expressed in much of the New Age hype and lately those expressed in the “Secret.”  It is one thing to talk about creating your own reality and new ways of manifesting them  and another to consciously test the ideas for yourself. This book is… read more »

Have You Noticed Any Subtle Synchonicities At Christmas?

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As you become aware of  synchronicities they begin to appear more frequently,  often being quite subtle.

At Christmas time the very act of Christmas shopping creates just such opportunities. My step sister who has been a teacher all of her life expressed a desire to take up a dormant passion, writing. Since I have just finished the process of writing a book, sending it through numerous edits, proofing, indexing and all of the various related tasks,  I was able to give her two extremely useful books. read more »

Who said,”The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret” ?

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He also said,

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs?”

As we all know drugs are meant to remove us from reality, usually one that is annoying or painful to one that is pain free or pleasurable. The drug in this sense is an agent of change, and we are subject to the will of the drug.

But who was this person and what did he mean….? read more »

Deciding To How To End Our Lives. The Final Slide!

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Not yours, but your mom and dad’s.

One of the biggest decision making situations facing the baby boomers is how to handle mom and dad as they come to their final days, and in many cases, a long number of final days. But there is one thing that should be figured out…

The Final Slide

read more »

A Lazy Man’s Way To Meditating Or Why You Should Hang Out In A Bookstore

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One of the over riding goals of mediation is to put yourself in a  state of receptivity, or openness: that is you clear your mind from controlling thoughts  and allow whatever can emerge to do so.

Staying Open

I feel that one of the most interesting exercises is to enter a large bookstore with no particular agenda except perhaps to browse the magazine titles, the bargain and or discounted books shelves, best sellers shelves  etc. Why? read more »

Decision Making-Being A Good Skeptic

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In the beginning of our evolutionary process we had to rely on our intuition and senses to keep us safe and alive. If something had a foul odor or tasted peculiar we could discard it. If danger lurked our antennae went up. We learned but there were always new experiences, so it  paid to be cautious and skeptical. It was a necessary decision making  tool. It seems we will have to rely on our intuitive decision making again to keep us healthy, balanced, and able to enjoy our lives.

I don't think so!

As we fast forward into the 21st century immediate threats to our physical safety have been replaced by perceived threats from the information world. For example we have long accepted that believable information comes in printed form thereby making “untruthful” printed data not be so easy to detect . What and whom do you rely upon in this age of the internet? read more »

About Curiosity Quote

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Always like to find a provocative quote.

Here is one I found from the love coach.

Get All Of The Help You Can!

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I said when I set out to write this blog that I would concentrate on information we can use to help our decision making. I also wanted to support anybody who is telling a life story regarding similar changes. In mine, which is soon to be published ( the cover of which is portrayed to the immediate right) I referred to Invisible Partners as helpers. Different people have different labels for these helpers.

Linda West has just released a book telling her story ( Read her book and as many stories of people who are making empowering breakthroughs as you can these days. It is the combined effect of these accountings that gives us the tools of confidence needed  to navigate through the uncharted waters of the now.

When To Be Bold

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“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain

Go for greatness

Like investing, the natural thing to do is to invest when everything looks like it is rising.You want to get in to keep from missing something. Yet this is frequently when it is too late. On the other hand when all looks daunting, perhaps even hopeless it is the exact moment to be bearing down. In the advertising business frequently my clients knew we could not possibly know more than they did about their business and what they wanted to see from us was.. read more »

I Just Graduated From Brown University, But Brother Could You Spare A Dime!

Posted in Thinking Patterns on December 4th, 2010 by Sandy – 2 Comments

A pleased crowd is a generous crowd

Are college graduates really  learning how to think creatively? Last night I was watching PBS with my soon to be 99 year old mother. The program was reviewing how so many college graduates cannot find a job or a job that requires a college education. One person featured was a recent Brown University graduate who had taken a $10 dollar an hour position recording license tag numbers for an automatic toll road. So let’s say that you are asking yourself… read more »

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