“Practicing” Intuition

Mark and Winton in Mexico City

As intuition will become ever more important to our decision making process in these accelerating times here is an update from me.  I was  in Mexico City last week for Thanksgiving.  A  group of us from San Miguel de Allende  had gone down for the long weekend. Before the trip I had had an urge to connect Winton Churchill, a coach and friend, with Mark Powell, a well known street photographer from the U.S. living in Mexico City whose photographic class I had taken. I called Mark at the last moment.  Even though it was a busy time, and both Winton and Mark had chock –a- block  schedules we found time to get together.  So what could be so important about this urge on my part?

Winton,  at an earlier time in life had been a passionate amateur photographer and had been involved photographically with various  publications. He had captured on film the Rolling Stones, and a host of other noteworthy rock bands. Some of his valuable prints had been destroyed, and if sold could have been worth quite a bit in lost opportunity to Winton. Fortunately they had been published on the Internet.

Mark told Winton of a service called Tin Eye (http://www.tineye.com/).  It is a reverse search engine for images.  What it does is to take an image and search roughly a half a billion images on the net letting you know of matches or near matches , and their sources. Furthermore one of Winton’s goals on this particular trip was to photograph the  El Angel de la Indepencia stature in Mexico City as he is consulting with a client , who has written the book In The Shadow of  The  Angel referring to this famous statue. Mark suggested that the best  angles would be  from various office buildings,  if he could gain access, especially at certain times of the day.

Winton was very grateful on both counts.

Mark, on the other hand, who has just been featured in a book entitled Street Photography Now has been interested in leaning how to expand the market for his services and Winton, who is an expert in internet marketing and especially in how to earn  while living abroad , ( see Winton’s site www.barefootconsultants.com) explained to Mark  a few key concepts which could expand his  photographic services to a larger world wide market while living in Mexico City.

Mark was delighted to be pointed in a new direction.

This turned out to be a delightful “win-win” meeting.

We all receive strong urges and sometimes just let them pass because there is so much else on our platter.  Yet, as is one of the themes of this blog, taking note  of  our urges, following them and then consciously recognizing the results, means we are tuning in to a highly important organizing principle of our reality, one that will become even more so in guiding our decision making choices as the future unfolds at what feels like warp speed.

Sandy’s books on his journey of intuition and manifestation give a first hand accounting of his own experiences in this area.

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  1. Yes… a great meeting and great insights Sandy… looking forward to reading your book!

  2. Jan Lisi says:

    Thank you Sandy for a delightful article.

    Yes, I believe as you have stated, all callings should be heeded – serendipity, urges, “co-incidences” “whisperings.”
    Deepak Chopra said, (a rough paraphrase here) There are no coincidences, they are simply portals to miracles, if heeded.

    I enjoy your blog, and the cancer article was very well written and full of vital information. Thank you!

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