Manifesting Your Own Magic Money Machine

Your new internet business office

I set out initially to simply write a memoir, and as events would have it, people suggested that I would need to publish and market it myself as the publishing industry is being overwhelmed by the digital world. To market I would have to learn how to use the tools of the  internet.  I have slowly gotten into blogging as I enjoy writing and sharing experiences. In the process my focus has been different ways of looking at ourselves creatively. We can think of creativity in terms of techniques and we can think of creativity in more metaphysical terms involving learning how to adapt to the accelerating rate of change, learning to trust our intuition, learning new ways to manifest, and embracing a potentially much larger arena of help as we explore consciousness and its patterns.

We are in a shift from the industrial age to the information age. One of the major attributes of this is that information is worth money. Where to find information on goods and services, how to contribute and how to put that into the market place is the providence of the internet.  It is available to virtually everyone with a computer. Business  is possible with few or no workers, little or no bricks and motar, and an office located anywhere in the world.

How do we do this?

I ran accross this article today and felt it could speak for itself.

How One Man Elanced His Way to Life on His Terms

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  1. Dont know if you will find the humor in this but I was searching for information on a research paper about TD Ameritrade and somehow from clicking through several links I stumbled into your blog here. While not at all relevent to what I was searching for, your post was interesting enough for me to not click back right away. Just wanted to comment before leaving to let you know that the internet is a weird place and you are getting visitors from places I’ll bet you never thought possible. Thanks.

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