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“Practicing” Intuition

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Mark and Winton in Mexico City

As intuition will become ever more important to our decision making process in these accelerating times here is an update from me.  I was  in Mexico City last week for Thanksgiving.  A  group of us from San Miguel de Allende  had gone down for the long weekend. Before the trip I had had an urge to connect Winton Churchill, a coach and friend, with Mark Powell, a well known street photographer from the U.S. living in Mexico City whose photographic class I had taken. I called Mark at the last moment.  Even though it was a busy time, and both Winton and Mark had chock –a- block  schedules we found time to get together.  So what could be so important about this urge on my part? read more »

Finding Top Thinkers-Peter Russell

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Finding Wise Counsel

One of the biggest challenges today is finding people who really can help build decision making perspective for us all. It is extremely easy to get swept up in the time consuming activity of being exposed to who is doing what to whom. Yet more and more we only get sound bites.What we need are reliable pictures of what is happening and then a personal strategy for positioning ourselves.

One of the top thinkers in the world in my opinion is Peter Russell. I have added him to my blog roll and would urge you to take a look at what he has to say.

His world clock is worth a view.

Who are your favorite thinkers. Share them here. If we select them to blog about I will send you my free upcoming book, “How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking.”

In this watershed time we need to identify the best thinkers to help us become better decision makers.

Manifesting Your Own Magic Money Machine

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Your new internet business office

I set out initially to simply write a memoir, and as events would have it, people suggested that I would need to publish and market it myself as the publishing industry is being overwhelmed by the digital world. To market I would have to learn how to use the tools of the  internet.  I have slowly gotten into blogging as I enjoy writing and sharing experiences. In the process my focus has been different ways of looking at ourselves creatively. We can think of creativity in terms of techniques and we can think of creativity in more metaphysical terms involving learning how to adapt to the accelerating rate of change, learning to trust our intuition, learning new ways to manifest, and embracing a potentially much larger arena of help as we explore consciousness and its patterns. read more »

The Difference Between Belief and Positive Thinking

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Are you sure about this?

One of the great challenges in decision making is what to really trust.  So many of the new age thinking gurus point in the direction of having positive thoughts, even mantras almost . The idea is that if you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones, then eventually these positive ideas will manifest.  None of this is to be discounted.  But there are some hitches… read more »

The Other Taliesin at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Winter Home

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If one is invited back of the main buildings at Taliesin West in Scottsdale Arizona,  you will find yourself  walking a road or trails through the dessert landscape as it has existed for thousands of years. The entire Taliesin compound sits on 600 acres.  Out here one  will find the homes of long time members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship such as David Dodge.  But most interesting to me were the sites built by students. Take a look. read more »

Six Things You Should Really Do If You Get Diagnosed With Cancer

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This is my thirteenth year of living with cancer and I feel great.

Since I am writing about creative thinking on this blog site,  and cancer is something that one in two Americans are predicted to have in their life time, I felt these comments  regarding decision making might be useful as you may now or one day face this situation or have friends or family that currently are. read more »

Confirming When You Are In The Flow

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John Rattenbury in front of zoo he master planned

One of the perplexing aspects about today’s information overload is that it is easy to get sidetracked and sucked into the endless political, economic and social debates at the macro level while missing the validating signs of your own micro journey.

There are the little signs and synchronicities that confirm to us that our own personal journeys are on course.  Sometimes they are so small that they are easily over looked. For example on my most recent trip I wanted to get the details on the latest world series game and sitting down at an airport fast food outlet someone had conveniently left the sports page of USA Today.  I needed to buy a certain branded supplement and at the Whole Foods market and  found the last one in stock. I needed to buy a tennis racket to leave at my mother’s  elder care apartment , and the fellow I was hitting balls with suggested Sports Authority. Upon entering the store the exact racket I was looking for and it  had been reduced from $239 to $69. None of these kinds of things seem to amount to much, but if you become aware of them as they are happening and realize that in the aggregate they are conveniences that seem to fall into place you can begin to identify with the idea  of being in the flow. read more »

Why We Have To Learn To Trust Our Intuition!

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Because the reliability of tried and true is falling apart.  Who tells the truth?  I was just flying from Texas to California and on the plane happened to read the latest issue of The Atlantic Monthly. We used to rely on the media to give us the facts, but in this era of private agendas that is no longer the case. Michael Hirschorn writing an article entitled “Truth Lies Here” cites Patrick Moynihan’s reputed comment  that we may be entitled to our opinions, but we are not entitled to our own set of facts. And that is precisely the issue today. Facts are distorted, predigested and repackaged with opinion depending on the source from which one gets them . read more »

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