The Balanced Life Diagram formula- Edgar Cayce

Like an uncapped fire hydrant there is so much information gushing at us from all directions suggesting all of the things that we ought to do that it is harder and harder to maintain a balanced life.  But what is a balanced Life?

Frankly while I was in the advertising profession, if we were awake we were at work, at least in our minds. In fact we used to laugh with gallows humor at the slogan attached to one of the major ad agencies, “If you don’t come in on Saturday, don’t bother to show up on Sunday.”

You could say we were a driven bunch, but it was abnormally natural. We were products of generations and generations of the protestant work ethic and there was this idea of more is better.  Yet, somewhere along the line this kind of thinking and behavior  leads to destructive stresses, breakdowns, relationship disasters  and finally  an emptiness which leaves a longing for something richer.

In my search for an answer having achieved all of the above I do remember coming  across Edgar Cayce’s presentation on a balanced life. I have long since misplaced the reference but remember it.

Cayce, known to many as the “sleeping prophet,”  described the balanced life as 25% work, 25% play, 25% home and 25% spiritual.  Probably the larger amount of those living the western life style have between 50% to 70% allocated to work and the balance divided among the other three.

The 25% to spiritual as I understood it was not simply complying with a religious persuasion but it was the conscious work of self-development. It was the search for questions such as, who am I, why am I here, what is my true nature, what are my true powers and how do they work?  The home time meant all of the duties involved in having a family and preparing a younger generation for their place in the world.

The 25% play is a nice one to ponder because play is perhaps  a portal to innocence, creativity, joy and all of those things that can energize the rest of life. How many of you have found time for a 25% play schedule?

The real point to ponder is how will my life be if I only work 25% of the time? While difficult to believe it could be surprisingly good. What do you think? Do you think you could?

How many of you have found a life formula of balance similar to Edgar Cayce’s? Leave a comment telling us what it is and how your are doing it. I’ll give a copy of my upcoming book to the best answer.

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