Dr. Kerry Monick M.D.

As this blog is dedicated to a higher order of decision making the sharing of personal experiences with regard to synchronicities and getting into a state of flow is encouraged and appreciated. Here is the latest from Psychiatrist, Dr. Kerry Monick who lives in Perth.

She writes:

After becoming more aware of synchronicities, I started to notice an extended pattern of energy which often resulted from the event. I would have an experience of anything between a pleasant arousal of interest and a huge rush of elation. Then, if I let the energy keep arising and flowing outwards, it could result in an exceedingly joyful moment/interaction and I would have the  feeling that the baton had been passed along.

Yesterday, when I went to pick up my vitamins from my nutritional therapist, I was on the receiving end of such action. The nutritionist provided me with the product, processed my credit card and then graciously handed me an acupuncturist’s business card. She told me: “I have been having some health difficulties affecting my right side and recently saw an acupuncturist from Shanghai. His treatment was excellent and when I was preparing your order, I seemed to receive a strong message telling me to give you his card.” I had not told her that I had been ill and had decided independently to see an acupuncturist, nor that I had seen this acupuncturist over 5 years previously and was planning to return to see him soon. This reminder propelled me to make the appointment which may have been delayed or even not made but for this act of grace.

Today, I checked my e-mails and was delighted to hear from an old friend who had gone overseas. He had heard that the couple who ran our meditation group was leaving (from Perth) for Melbourne shortly and asked if I and/or others were interested in joining him to buy them some farewell flowers. I felt uplifted by this further act of grace which has now encompassed several others and will conclude with a beautiful bouquet being received with pleasure by the departing and deserving couple.

Kerry Monick, MD

This blog is fairly new. Tell us about your synchronicities.  It will help to reinforce the awareness of this reality. As you will note we are including in the concept of creative thinking and creative decision making what happens to us when we operate from this space.

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