Creative Thinking-Five Reasons You Deserve The Very Best

Ice Cream Scoop Designed by Michael Graves

I have written in this blog a good deal about Frank Lloyd Wright. Were he alive today, my intuition tells me he would have agreed with this message.

Many people feel that in tough economic times you can get by with less expensive items and I agree-up to a point. But that is not what this is about.

We are all drawn to the vibration of the very best, and more so if it is in our field of interest. Think of an activity that you love and think about who is at the top. If it is a particular sport you admire, are you not drawn to watching the best play this sport? If it is music you admire those musicians at the top. You could think of them as geniuses and the allure is  that  feeling of resonance between yourself and them.

Now think of an interest or passion you have and the tools, implements, gadgets, devices, or machines associated with it.  Think about how you feel when you have one of those in your hands or at least in your sight. It makes you feel really good. You can feel it resonate through your being.

So here are my five reasons you deserve the very best and by that I mean the best for the tasks you have( not necessarily the one with all of the features you don’t require):

(1)    If it is an item, holding it connects you to the vibration of excellence. It is both a tactile and visual connection. If it is a service, better to have one lesson from a master than five lessons from a lesser talent. The master will convey the essence of what you need to know.

(2)    If it is an item and well made it will be well-designed as form follows function. The look and feel in your hand, for example, will create in you a deep sense of appreciation, a stilling of the mind and a connectedness similar to perhaps a meditative state.

(3)    It does not have to be expensive. The above pictured Michael Graves designed ice cream scoop was bought at Target. Even though I may not use it but once in awhile, when I do, it just reverberates the perfection of balance and fit to the task at hand. You could also be fortunate enough to acquire used items at a fraction of their original price providing you with that same experience.

(4)    It will eliminate all of the lesser feelings associated with telling yourself you could not afford the best. How often have you bought something because it was cheaper and later wished you had spent the few dollars more to have the one you really wanted?

(5)    The act of giving yourself the best, sets up an energetic pattern: “I deserve the best,” and this energy begins to fill your field. As you set this pattern, it begins to appear elsewhere in your life.

Remember that virtually  everyone can afford the best made of something especially if it is older. Make a list of activities you really are interested in. Then think of everything attached to them. List items of quality you have associated with these,  but have never allowed yourself to have.  Bringing this consciousness to your choice is part of a creative thinking blue print which will be both fun and rewarding.

What is your experience with this concept?

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