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Is It Prayer, Self-Empowerment, or Just Good Luck?

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I decided to write about this because how we access the larger energy field seems to be at the heart of overcoming fear, gaining self –esteem, and in general getting more to go right than goes wrong.

In my book I write about learning slowly, with trepidation about manifestation, and then consciously testing it a little bit at a time.  I started small with things like parking spaces, and slowly worked myself up to a huge real estate development idea that easily could have bankrupted me. I memorialized these events and then together with Dr. Kerry Monick prepared a short guidebook.  One of the main themes of the guidebook is getting people to recall their major desires in life,  and to record when those desires were fulfilled. The time in between is referred to as the lag time. So much often happens in that interim period that we simply chalk it up to hard work and some lucky breaks. But what else might be in the mix? read more »

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

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There is a new book out by Steven Johnson which is discussed by Michael Humphrey on “Open Salon.”

“The idea behind the book,” says Humphrey “is that the ‘Eureka moment is overrated.’ In his sixth book, “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation,” popular science writer Steven Johnson tries to dispel the notion of the ‘eureka moment.’  Johnson points out, “As with nature, new concepts, like the Internet, slowly grow out of old concepts. They don’t spring forth from nowhere. Darwin’s theory, for instance, was built on centuries of observation, including his own.. ”

Do you agree? read more »

How Art Stimulates Creative Thinking

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sculpture by Heloise

In a seminal article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis” by Richard Florida Oct 01, 2004 his opening remark was, “The strength of the American economy does not rest on its manufacturing prowess, its natural resources, or the size of its market. It turns on one factor–the country’s openness to new ideas.” Skip forward to 2010 and the Looming Creative Crisis is now here. This situation memorialized in a Newsweek article rates creative thinking as the number one leadership competency needed in the future.

So are the music  and art education  classes  as essential  as math and science? read more »


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Dr. Kerry Monick M.D.

As this blog is dedicated to a higher order of decision making the sharing of personal experiences with regard to synchronicities and getting into a state of flow is encouraged and appreciated. Here is the latest from Psychiatrist, Dr. Kerry Monick who lives in Perth.

She writes:

After becoming more aware of synchronicities, I started to notice an extended pattern of energy which often resulted from the event. I would have an experience of anything between a pleasant arousal of interest and a huge rush of elation. Then, if I let the energy keep arising and flowing outwards, it could result in an exceedingly joyful moment/interaction and I would have the  feeling that the baton had been passed along. read more »

Creative Thinking-Five Reasons You Deserve The Very Best

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Ice Cream Scoop Designed by Michael Graves

I have written in this blog a good deal about Frank Lloyd Wright. Were he alive today, my intuition tells me he would have agreed with this message.

Many people feel that in tough economic times you can get by with less expensive items and I agree-up to a point. But that is not what this is about.

We are all drawn to the vibration of the very best, and more so if it is in our field of interest. Think of an activity that you love and think about who is at the top. If it is a particular sport you admire, are you not drawn to watching the best play this sport? If it is music you admire those musicians at the top. You could think of them as geniuses and the allure is  that  feeling of resonance between yourself and them.

Now think of an interest or passion you have and the tools, implements, gadgets, devices, or machines associated with it.  Think about how you feel when you have one of those in your hands or at least in your sight. It makes you feel really good. You can feel it resonate through your being.

So here are my five reasons you deserve the very best and by that I mean the best for the tasks you have( not necessarily the one with all of the features you don’t require): read more »

Creative Thinking-Towards The Open and Wise Mind

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Ronald Alexander PH.D

I have just had  the pleasure of reading Dr. Ronald Alexander’s latest book, “Wise Mind, Open Mind, finding purpose & meaning in times of crisis, loss & change.” He discusses how the practice of Buddhism can provide the ultimate creative connection. I encourage everyone to read this book.  After reading it, here  are a few  questions which have come to mind and  Dr. Alexander’s  comments:

Book Cover

1.     As the ante goes up and the consequences of a decision are more severe what advice do you give for any kind of step by step evaluation. That is, if the outcome is inconsequential we may not care if our intuition is right or wrong, but if the choice is life threatening, relationship terminating or financially chaotic do you have a personal process?  I have found in discussing this with therapists, seekers, etc they are not in agreement. They admit that it is a fine nuance. Some have turned to kinesiology, others to psychics, or your wisdom council, or combinations thereof to somehow find a confirming thread to what they think is their intuition.

read more »


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The Balanced Life Diagram formula- Edgar Cayce

Like an uncapped fire hydrant there is so much information gushing at us from all directions suggesting all of the things that we ought to do that it is harder and harder to maintain a balanced life.  But what is a balanced Life? read more »

Personal Development for Smart People

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I found this site by Steve Pavilina, called Personal Development for Smart People and it is indeed filled with highly useful points of view. Let me know if you feel the same way.

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