Creative Thinking-The Value of Negative Synchronicity

Dead End

As I have been writing about previously, the synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. In one sense you can think of it as a message intended for you specifically, which is more than just a coincidence. It is related to what you are desiring, pondering, or wrestling with. Let us look at an example of the use of a negative synchronicity.

You have just been offered an enticing job with a new firm and it is in  San Francisco where you have always wanted to live. You have done the research. It looks good. However,  your wife likes where you are and is not that keen on moving but will. You aren’t really sure what to do. A pal drops by your office and encourages you to  attend an open house cocktail party after work.  Leaning up against the bookshelf you see a book entitled, “Losing Everything, The Great Fire and Quake of 1906.” You open it and it is all about disaster in San Francisco. This would be a negative synchronicity. It is a cautionary sign. You might turn the job down or at least turn up your antennae before making the decision.  The next day while  you are out on a job inspection, you decide to take a short cut and see that the street is named San Francisco Way. Several blocks down you come to a “road under repair” sign. Take Detour.  This is a confirming negative synchronicity. Even though all the research you have done might favor the move, turning it down might be in your best interest.

We can never tell the consequences of our decisions but at one level we are looking for the most meaningful experiences for our lives. When we let our intuition and our recognition of these signs help guide us, I feel we are doing just that.

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  1. Nikki Leigh says:

    I totally agree that we should listen to our intuition and we never know how or intuition will reveal itself to us. Your example was great – and all those types of things should make us think a bit more about decisions. I learned long ago not to ignore those positive or negative happenings or those things I call “red flags”.

  2. …what about zero-sum synchronicity? i see the book on the shelf/anaquel(sp) but at the
    same time the real fire is not in san francisco but the redhead who has just spilled her
    tequila sunrise over the rise in my levis. if i manage to take her home, why should i
    worry whether my wife doesn’t want to move sanfrancisco to her terrarium?
    so encouraged by the nugatory synchronicity of my print-seeking eyes, the redhead and
    i leave the party together, we get to the detour sign and she intuits=thuitoca(N)=pretends to
    see=ittitia toca(N) the gods are saying, no, to her, a goddess herself. i’ll spare you the rest
    of the evening, except to say, there’s no rest for the wick, especially when it’s on de-tour.

    • Sandy says:

      Ah Carlos, always good to have your inputs. Well as I have been discussing, synchronicities are perhaps good advice from your invisible partners, your buddies so to speak, who are keeping an eye out for you. The distraction from the redhead could be the very latest installment superseding the intended warning in the book. You did in this case make it to the party. Whatever way you eventually go, I am sure the reports will be interesting. If they meant for you to get the warning in the book, then you can count on the fact that they will try again or perhaps the redhead leads to an affair and your staying put, in which case San Francisco still stays out of the picture. I might add that in this case you can count on the intensity increasing and therefore more synchronicities to come.

  3. Sandra says:

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