Creative Thinking-Synchronicity Revisited

"My what a synchronicity I was just thinking of calling you"

The challenging assignment these days is to really take on new tools to help us in these topsy turvy times. I wanted to revisit this idea and explore it, perhaps in the next several blogs, because it can be not only useful but make ordinary life extra ordinary.

Jung described synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence. So just what is that and why is it so important? A coincidence is what it would be if I were talking about you and suddenly you walked into the room. But would it be meaningful? Not necessarily: it is just a coincidence.  Now think of the situation where you are calling me and I am simultaneously thinking about calling you. That situation happens frequently. It is a meaningful coincidence because we are both thinking about each other and are actually in the process of contacting each other.

So how do we harvest the information and why is it so important? First of all think of it as the collective unconscious trying to get in touch with you with information that will help you especially if you have ask for it-struggling with a decision for example. In my book I used the idea of “Invisible Partners.” But you can use any label you like. The idea is that something useful is meant to come your way if you can recognize it.

In the example above since I was thinking about you and you called, what I need to do is listen very carefully for what you have to say until I pick up the key message. You called about something. What is it? Perhaps you called to tell me about  a lecture that is going to be held  tomorrow night.  That means that at that lecture, or on the way to it or after it I could meet someone, see a sign, or hear something that would be highly useful to me. Suppose I have plans for tomorrow night. Well I could keep the plans and miss the lecture. Most people would. But if I now move the lecture into my top priority I have made the opportunity of receiving that message from the collective unconscious possible. I have gotten my life closer to the “flow” of a larger and helpful reality. We don’t seem to know a great deal about this, but we are learning. We don’t know what gravity or electricity is either, but we do know a lot about how to use it and the laws around it. Now what urged you to call me? It doesn’t matter, you felt the urge and complied.

Once we get used to following these leads and acting on the information we open entirely new dimensions. Try to think of similar situations and whether you harvested the information or not and if you did, where it took you.

Lets look at one more simple example. Suppose you and your significant other are debating as to whether or not to take a well-deserved short cruise or a quick trip to Europe. You both agree you need the break. Walking down the hallway of your office you hear a radio program talking about how now with the Euro down, and business slow, you couldn’t pick a better time to be going to Europe. That would be a meaningful coincidence: you are struggling about where to go, the radio as you walk by gives you an answer.

These are the kind of tools that are available to us all. Using them is the key. But once we do we begin to consciously feel ourselves in harmony with a larger reality. Give it a whirl.

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  1. HUMPO IN OXO says:

    Hi Sandy,greetings from the city of dreaming spires.I think your take on synchronicity is valid and very interesting ,the negative version which I had not considered.
    The example that Carl Gustave gives is of the lady who buys a red dress but it needs a few fitting alterations. several days later the dress is due to be delivered to her home BUT just before that happens she gets a phone call sadly informing her of the death of a relative . The dress arrives she unpacks it and there has been a substititution (acident or what ?) it is a black dress that has been delivered. The significance here is that black in our culture is a sign of mourning and so is of significance because of the death of the relative .

  2. I found your blog through a friends blog and this is a great blog to look at some cool things. thanks and bookmarkigng and I am even going to tweet this out to all my friends.

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