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Life's High Wire Act

Under “Information” on the right hand side of my blog site you will see “Intuitive Decision Making Model.”  Click on this and you will see a full discussion. What I have done is to diagram, from experiences,  my own decision making process regarding the use of intuition layered on top of the rationale thinking processes. Look at that for a moment, read the explanation and then come back to this discussion.

In many manifestation models the idea is that you focus on what you want with intention, see and feel what it would be like if it did happen, give thanks and appreciation, let it go and look for it to show up some time in the future.

I wanted to make  some comments to that idea. You will see that I have included some screens: (Is it harmful? Is it purposeful? and Is it Ethical?). If any of these are violated I rule out the idea, or in the model I “abort” it. The Dalai Lama once said that the reason he is kind to all sentient beings is that it distorts reality the least. I have wrestled with that statement  and simply decided that parameters that support reality distortion the least might make our life journey smoother.

The next thing I wanted to consider was whether what I wanted was a true experience or whether it was masking a fear. If so the fear’s manifestation is what I would be attracting. So that is an important check. If you feel that is the case then I recommend “aborting” the idea.

Aside from all of the linear analysis you may have done there will be, in all likelihood,  a certain amount of nervousness, especially if it is a big decision. If you can get an intuitive hit that is positive then I say keep going. If you get a negative sense, then consider stopping. If it simply feels confusing you might muscle test for example-some way to get in touch with your subconscious, to see if it is the right thing for you.

If you seem to have green lights so far to this point, then you perhaps are stepping into that void where you don’t know what is going to happen, but you are now willing to trust the process. In this space I feel that you simply have to have your antennae up. It is in this space that synchronicities showing up either positive or negative will be the most meaningful.

I indicate, for example that if you get a negative synchonicity at this juncture you might either scrap the idea or at least be open for a confirming negative synchronicity before scrapping it. If you seem to get signs that say, “continue” and your result is failure, the failure may in perspective not be a failure. I for example, had at one time been pursing passionately a real estate development idea. Finally the moment came when  I had to make a commitment to purchase a large block of land I could not afford to keep indefinitely. Were I  not find backers within a year I would be facing bankruptcy.  I felt all of the signs I had received were saying, “Do this.” Finally after a great deal of soul searching I called my attorney friend and told him to draw up the papers.  I had taken the leap. He called me back a few days later and told me he was going to save me from myself, and recommended killing the deal. This was a real negative synchonicty. I could have told him to do it anyway. I didn’t. I felt at one level the project slipping away after I backed off of the purchase.  A few months later, some investors showed up, and wanted the development idea, but wanted it to be done in another location. The deal blossomed. Had I bought the land I would have been stuck.

Think about big decisions you have had to make in life that involved a leap of faith. Go through the items  on the diagram and see if you had corresponding similarities. I would be interested in your feed back. Sandy

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