Accepting Higher Order Decision Making

Use Your MInd to Change The Landscape

One of the goals of this blog is to keep familiarizing ourselves with the idea of turning our ordinary daily life into extra-ordinary daily life. One way is to begin to look for synchronicities, and then to consciously make them a part of our decision making process. or recognize that our decision came from a synchonicity.  This is one process for making life magical.

Jung observed that synchronicities seemed to occur proportionately to the emotional intensity and upheaval one was going through in their life. And based upon my premise that we have “invisible partners” it would stand to reason that as our lives become more intense, we are more likely to be asking for help both consciously and subconsciously.  So it is at these times that we want to have our antennae up. We want to be in a state of mindfulness. In this state a trip to the grocery store, mall, or anywhere could lead to a person, sign, or image of some kind that will help us make a decision. it is as if our partners are saying to us with these messages “think about, or try, or definitely ‘yes or no.”‘

What are some of these particularly testy periods? Losing a job, falling in and out of love, needing to be rescued from dangerous situations or a personal crisis of any kind?

Once your antennae are up the synchronicity can be subtle or like a brick hitting you. You can grasp it immediately or it maybe more like an awareness that creeps in slowly building to an awareness that gives you an insight at a later moment. As this happens more and more even subtle changes  can be acknowledged as being in the flow. Yesterday for example we had house guests who were leaving in the morning after I would normally have left  to play tennis. At one level I was a little disappointed that I would not be around in the morning for the proper send off. Then going to bed  I synchronistically  realized that in the morning I didn’t have to be at the tennis court until 10 am. I stayed in the morning to give friends the proper send off. When  I arrived at  the tennis court, I found out that  I was an hour late, but that we had too many players and some had had to sit out. It was the perfect time to be late. I realized at that moment that with the help of my invisible partners I had tricked myself into thinking that today  tennis was at 10 rather than at 9. I could have gotten mad or hard on myself for being so stupid, but connected the dots and realized the lapse in memory was “yes,” the work of my invisible pals. Once we begin to see ourselves in these subtleties we realize that we are connected meaningfully to others and the wider universe. More on this later.

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  1. Richard Clarke says:

    I agree , its often in times of stress that the outer layers of the mind , the most physically oriented portions , become fragmented enough to allow other layers of awareness to impinge on the prosaic tramlines of ‘rational’ assessment . We are capable of expanding our everyday consciousness to become aware of information that would rationally be unavailable . Words like intuition , hunch and gut feeling, are often used to explain this input. Whats happening is an allowance of a wider area of conscious communication available.
    Our acceptance of a narrow spectrum of perception as official reality is slowly breaking down , some call it the shift in consciousness . With this expansion and awareness, will evolve exciting new adventures and a much needed move away from wars and greed and poverty , an intrinsic understanding of the connectedness of all things.
    My thought of the morning

  2. I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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