Voluntary Simplicity- Creating More Of Our Most Valuable Commodity- Time

A reframe

As the economic news worsens it creates an opportunity to really evaluate what matters the most. Am I right side up or upside down in my thinking?

I find that the more I focus on the feelings I want the happier I am no matter where that is. The desire to accumulate more stuff seems to have been replaced with having luxuries that are light, well-made and portable. Mobility and  flexibility  seem to be the new prizes. There is a certain freedom in beginning to strip down and realize that stuff has a price, and too much stuff has too high a price.  I think that once we get in touch with the idea that we can have whatever we want if we want it badly enough, then the idea is to  examine what experiences we truly want without having to justify them.

I am in Ventura, California at the moment and listening to the street talk. There is a sense of austerity in the air, but not necessarily one of bad feelings. Just that it is time to focus.  There is a sense that time is the most valuable commodity we have and shedding things we don’t really need to support them, is no longer very smart.

It caused me to think about the movement called “voluntary simplicity.” The idea here is not to deny oneself as much as to decide what the price of certain material possessions are and do you really want to pay that price. My dad had a second home on ten acres in the mountains which he used to spend summers in, basically fixing and maintaining it with time off for a little golf. Later he confessed to me that with what he had spent he could have stayed for thirty days a year in a five star hotel most anywhere in the world, and if he had had it to do all over again, he would have opted for the latter.

This kind of evaluation in light of economic stresses is both creatively smart and freeing at the same time. Living light but living seems to be the key.

I found this site to be helpful in getting more information.


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  1. Richard Clarke says:

    I agree , there is a freedom in releasing ourselves from rote adherence to societal mores and taking the ‘time’ to revaluate what’s going to be most fulfilling . More Stuff doesn’t cut the mustard in an awakening mind me thinks. One of the big adjustments will be developing economic models that don’t rely on relentless gluttonous consumerism and its ascendant environmental carnage .

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