May You Live In Interesting Times

As I was reviewing several websites and blogs May You Live In Interesting Times popped into my head. It seems to have more than one meaning but the popular idea is that it is a Chinese curse suggesting that the coming times may not bode well for you, or at the least there will be a change bringing a certain amount of strife.

In looking through the daily news it is apparent that the problems being created in the world seem to be larger than the structures designed to contain them. For example the world financial systems have been manipulated to the point that nobody knows how it will all play out, but the excesses will eventually be paid for by some if not all of us. The political scenes have morphed into such polarization that the common good looks like the last garment in a Macy’s bargain basement sale being ripped apart by desperate shoppers. The relevance and or efficiency of higher education as offered through the university system at close to $200, 000 for a four year pop is seriously being questioned around dinner and breakfast tables. The environment is deteriorating at a bewildering pace. As one young lady whom I was having dinner with the other night said, “ My college graduate friends are just moving back home to “ride it out.”  These are indeed confusing and difficult times and yet because bad news sells, the brighter side of the ledger is all but masked.

How does one proceed?

I stumbled across “wikiHow” and the article, “How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci.” In it the very first point was made that Da Vinci had an insatiable curiosity. Great minds it is said possess one characteristic in common: they are in a state of perpetually asking questions.  Or you might say they are in a continuous state of demanding from the universe answers. That is they have engaged not only their conscious mind on the tasks but their unconscious mind also.  If you are in a state of relative unresourcefulness  begin by asking strongly or “demanding”  a state of peace of mind and calmness. Then see if this does not begin to happen. As it does other more immediate solutions can have a strong base on which to build.  Also the more intense one’s desire to gain a positive direction, the more likely you are to attract the synchronicities both positive and negative to guide you along. Your urgency will create more action. You might want to journal this exercise and note carefully what happens for and when.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and it is now bookmarked for daily reading. Your simple acuity and relevance are in perfect synchronicity with me. Thank you for setting that energy as you describe here, out into the public.

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