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We seem to be hard wired to do a lot more than we often give ourselves credit for. And has I have been blogging about I feel that developing our inner senses is going to be part of the new territory we will all explore as time appears to compress even more due to technology, not to mention the structural changes we are in the midst of.  Years ago I stumbled into a class on inner sense development taught by Patricia Hayes, who was in Honolulu. I was a partner in an advertising agency and was simply curious. So, I signed up. We were in an elegant home and that made the event even more enticing. The class was comprised of all women, except for myself and an undertaker from Arizona. In that short week, in a hands on way,  we explored psychometry, reading auras, automatic writing, how to open up our psychic channels-the works. At the end of the week, Patricia, who did have quite a sense of humor, told us to simply come back on Sunday morning, have coffee and pastries and say goodbye to everyone. To my amazement when I pulled up I noticed a large number of cars. Coming into the kitchen, I ran into Patricia and asked, “Whose cars are those lining the street?” She smiled and said, “Oh, those are people coming for free  psychic readings.” I said, “Who is going to be giving them,” I asked wide-eyed.  She said, “You are. Everyone in the class has two clients.” I was flabbergasted. “No way,” I said. She, taking my arm, said in a playful yet confidently encouraging manner, “What do you think you have been training for all week?” I stuttered, completely and mentally unprepared for this turn of events. I gathered my composure, embraced my vulnerability and  stumbled through the assignment amazing myself ( and I did falter badly with one of the lady clients when I lost my focus). But in the end I realized that just like going to the gym to build the muscles in our bodies, we can also build these other dimensions of our mind, brain, and connectivity with our unconscious.  I did not pursue this field in any professional capacity, but the exercise was empowering. I feel that while many people are “skeptical” of these endeavors, my suggestion is to always check things out for yourself.

Dr. Kerry Monick who has collaborated with me on a soon to be released guide book “Creative Thinking For The 21st Century: An Experiential Guidebook” has offered these comments on developing your extra sensory perception (ESP)


Most people know something about ESP and may wish that they had such talents. Richard Alan Miller has just written a Book “ESP Induction Through Forms of Hypnosis” which provides a test for you to calculate your own ESP potential. Even if it is not particularly high, Miller has found a way through self hypnosis to increase your expected ESP results by many times. As an example of tapping into your own unconscious, you can use “The Boat Ride” which is a detailed half hour exercise which you can self-tape, then play it back when you are in a relaxed state. The ESP experience you want to have can be specified or left open. Results always improve with practice and according to Millar, you can improve your ESP from your own baseline by 400% over a few weeks.

ESP signals take place instantaneously and can cross both time and space barriers. There is no other known signal which can compare. There are several different kinds of ESP and after you become familiar with the area, you will probably find that you are better at one than the other. The main types are clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection, precognition and radiesthesia. The latter occurs when a person picks up information from an object e.g. water dowsing.

I made my own self-tape, but was not at first happy with the dictated dialogue. I found that to really be comfortable, I had to rewrite the program in my own words. Initially, I found that I dictated my hypnotic instructions too quickly and have now reorganized my instructions to be delivered much more slowly. The experience that I am currently having is as if I am entering a deep meditation. It’s still early days and so far, and I have received no concrete messages. But I have noticed more synchronicities taking place, especially within the first 24 hours after the session. It’s almost as if when under hypnosis, I enter into a deep level of consciousness where the’ blue prints’ are being constructed. And when I come out, I still have an attachment to this other level which then manifests in some significant way in everyday life.

Kerry Monick M.D.

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  2. German says:

    Thanks for the interesting story, even though it did take quite a long time to understand. (English is not my native tongue) May I ask where you get your sources from? Thank you! German

  3. Ivey Augustin says:

    From training and personal experiences some years ago, I believe that we all have psychic abilities that lay dorment due to cultral bias, organized religious teachings and other “white noise” of “modern” society. Placing ones self in a peaceful, quite/comfortable, safe place we can search, initially with qualified assistance, our intermost abilities and go places in our minds and achieve levels previously thought unobtainable. We can achieve and/or be more that we believe.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I very much enjoy your blog posts, thank you so much you have helped me out greatly :) love lots.

  5. Jarred Lasin says:

    I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

  6. Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I have a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  7. Your post is really wonderful..thanks for posting…your post is very informative

  8. Jewel Tabor says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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