Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-13th Post In A Series

In the last post we looked at the the master bedroom and bath. In this post I will show you the daughter’s bedroom and one of the boy’s bedrooms. The current owners turned one of the boy’s rooms into an office and added an additional bed to the other boy’s room. The daughter’s room looked out of the two story prow glass facing the seasonal stream. It also allowed one to look down over the railing to the living room below. There were shutters installed for privacy. The daughter’s room also had a private

half bath. As you can see in the room with two single beds, one of the glass windows is larger than the other two. That was the only change the county required to bring this design to current code. It is a fire escape to the berm. You will note that these were clerestory windows designed by Wright to provide privacy without  requiring curtains. A picture of the daughter’s half bath is also included here. When constructing the upper floor we were quite concerned about heat gain. But none occurred. We had installed exhaust fans. They were not necessary. The one glitch we did encounter was a squeaking in the second story floor. This was corrected by installing three quarter inch plywood on top of the existing floor before covering with carpet. You can see in these photos the brick which was left exposed.

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  2. [...] It doesn’t end there learn more at frank lloyd wrighttoday! [...]

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