Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-12th Post In A Series

In this post we move to the second floor. Here Wright designed two bedrooms for the two small boys and a bedroom with a private bath at the far end for the daughter of the Cornwall family. The master suite was at the opposite end of the daughter’s suite. The master suite was quite large. Perhaps the future owners had prevailed upon him to expand this area. In many of his homes the bedrooms were quite small, even spartan, reflecting the idea that for the most part inhabitants in the sleeping mode were in other worlds and why use a great deal of space for that. Yet in this house the master bedroom took on another dimension like an oasis. It contained a fireplace, walk in closet, large bathroom and outside sitting deck.

We had no idea when we built this whether there would be heat gain, and so exhaust fans were incorporated. Yet the temperature was perfect, never requiring their use. The cylinder housed both the master bathroom and a small bathroom to be shared by the two boys. The bathrooms all carried the same color and tile design element. John Rattenbury, the supervising architect said that in this way Mr. Wright reinforced the idea of a unified design.

Here are photos of the hallway coming up from the first floor, the master bedroom and its’ master bath.

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