Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House- 11th Post In A Series

In the last post we were looking at photos of the living room and the alcove at the opposite end of the front entrance and the dining alcove. To the right of the dining area is a cylinder which houses a half bath powder room and leading into the laundry room. The design was clever in this sense because some 80% of the plumbing is contained in this cylinder which contains two bathrooms on the second floor.

Walking into the kitchen from the dining room you would enter at the far end of the island. The cylinder is on the left in this photo. In many of Mr. Wright’s houses the kitchen was called the “work room.” it wasn’t very large. Originally there was a pantry and this photo would have been taken in that room. However, the Taliesin Architects realizing that times had changed and people love to congregate in the kitchen, took out the pantry and installed another working counter, sink and ice maker which is at the lower right hand side of the photo. By so doing, the room was significantly enlarged.

Here is a good point to bring out the idea that this original design was modified, as Mr. Wright, would have done according to his apprentices, had he been alive when this house was to be built. So, when a house was constructed, after Mr. Wright died, it had to be  brought up to code, and it needed to use materials and techniques reflective of modern times. The kitchen reflected the classic triangle made up of counter stove and workspace, sink, and refrigerator. A skylight bathed the room during the day. It was a very comfortable space, and easily catered to large parties, of which there were many.

The view through the three part windows allowed one to see the ocean in the very far distance. The circular window on the very right of the photo was in the door leading to the carport for functionality. The floors as you can see here fairly well were polished red concrete, a signature mark of many of Mr. Wright’s homes.

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