How To Add Meaning To Life

Patty and I  invited the very interesting Dianne Aigaki, over for dinner the other night. We all met  at a garage sale here in San Miguel. It turns out that I had driven across Tibet several years ago, and Dianne conducts annual tours there. I put some images together to show her. Not only were many of the locations familiar, she knew several of the people in them, a definite synchronicity. Of course the ladies also had matching streaks in their hair to make it even more interesting.

Dianne and Patty

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, synchronicities, are meaningful coincidences: they carry messages. The idea is to make sure that you “harvest” the information that the synchronicity has brought to you.

During the course of the evening Dianne commented that one of the most influential people in her life had been John Goddard, the man, considered to be the gold standard for goal achievement. At the age of fifteen he sat down and wrote 127 things he wanted to accomplish in his life. He has done 109 of them. For the impressive list and his background go to:

Dianne said that he had made such an impression on her that she made her list which included meeting John Goddard.

Her list can be found at :

I can say with certainty that the crystallization of the “life list” as a tool to help shape meaning in life was a jewel and certainly a synchronistic payoff. The important aspect of both John and Dianne’s list is that they focus on pure experiences, an end in themselves.  to climb a mountain or learn a language for example. As Dianne pointed out, you may never achieve all of the items on the list, but there is a great satisfaction when you do check one off.

What if you don’t feel you can come up with a very long list? Here is where the magic can be. You can send an order to the universe, with high intention, that it send you items for your list.  As  you go about your daily life, these treasures will slowly begin to appear. You will know because they will feel so right.

I had dinner one night in Hawaii with the owner of a travel agency. I ask her and her husband of the twenty or more years of travel they had done did any one thing stand out. They both, almost together, said, “ The Serengeti Plain in Africa. I realized at that moment I  too wanted to see that site in Tanzania with the huge gathering of wild animals in their natural habitat.

While I have had a great many goals in life I don’t believe that I have ever created a conscious life list. I’m doing one now and highly recommend the exercise to everyone who reads this.

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