Building A Frank Lloyd House-10th Post In A Series

In the last post we had entered the house giving us a view from the dining alcove to the alcove at the far end of the house across the living room or as Wright liked to refer to it, the Great Room. The Alcove footprint at the far end of the house is created by the common space from two overlapping circles. In sacred geometry this is called a “Visica Pices. More discussion of this geometric pattern is talked about at the following website:

The alcove was put to a wonderful use when seminars were being held because it formed the perfect shape for the “socratic method” of teaching. There was built in seating on the on the curved alcove wall facing one or two large chairs. The football shaped area looked out a story and a half of glass forming a mitered prow. One photo here shows the interior and the other photo shows this same alcove from the outside. It formed a “prow.” It was and is a wonderful area for a teacher and students. The house was used for this purpose for just under two years after it was built. Backing up to the windows were cabinets that hid a television set that would rise up when required and then return and be covered from sight. The alcove and cabinets were made from cherry wood. I have included a close up of the facia seen on the exterior roof, because the forms remind one of elders being a part of this house being a teaching center.

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  2. [...] It doesn’t end there learn more at Frank Lloyd Wright today! [...]

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