Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-8th Post In A Series

In the last post I showed you pictures of the narrow rather undramatic entrance. You would have no idea what you were to see as you entered this narrow passageway. These additional photos show the passageway emerging to  the front of the house, a view from the other side of the house looking across to the entrance, and part of the vista. Really, there is no photo that can do it justice. It is breath taking. There are some 360,000 acres of unobstructed views of Austrailian pampas grasslands and  three volcanoes, Mauna Kea, Mauana Loa, and Hualalai. The latter two are still active. In the distance and sloping down some 1800 feet over a 12 to 20 mile stretch is the Kohala Coast and Ocean. “The original site in Pennsylvania was I am sure unique, but this site,” said John Rattenbury, the supervising architect from Taliesin West, “was magnificent.”

And this was exactly the effect Frank Lloyd Wright was after. You would enter a mysterious small passageway not knowing what to expect, and then be blown into a whole new reality as you entered the expansive vista and the two story wall of concave glass paying tribute to it.

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