Asking for Direction and the Truth

One of the unfortunate products of the internet and the technology revolution is that we are on sensory overload. Information is pouring in akin to your kitchen sink spigot delivering water like a fire hydrant.  Not only will the volume increase, but the pace also. In the Summer 2010 “special Issue of The Futurist magazine it states:

“If you think things are changing fast now, you haven’t seen anything yet…   The rate of change is skyrocketing. As inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil notes, ‘ Because of the explosive nature of exponential growth, the twenty-first century will be equivalent to twenty thousand years of progress at today’s rate of progress: about one thousand times greater than the 20th century.” …Today it’s as if we’re driving 200 miles an hour and only looking into the rear-view mirror.”

You might want to sit with that for a few moments.

I have been talking about practicing using your intuition because it will become absolutely vital to help not only survive the rate of change but to sort through what and whom to believe and why.

I think that the first thing one must do is to inwardly “demand to know what is useful and necessary” and then see what shows up. Maybe you will feel guided to turn on the t.v, surf the net,  read a certain book, magazine article etc. In this process realize that entertainment and work related activities can mesh together. Maybe a film, you tube blurb, or headline answers a question or moves you in a certain direction. It is this conscious process that I feel will be necessary to find balance.

Without some kind of defining conscious instruction to our subconscious it is easy to drift aimlessly without necessarily harvesting the random process. I find that with the incredible amount of information one can easily get caught up in toxic debates and rancor, and soon find that you are feeling bad for having been exposed and really no further along.

If I am young I might want to know where opportunity is going to surface and how to best apply my skill set. What will working in different environments be like? What will be my values?  As we consciously do this the answers appear. One of my young friends who is a computer engineer working for a telescope community told his bosses that his priorities were time off and travel. The money was secondary. They fashioned a program to give him just that. He puts in limited hours and when he travels for business, especially overseas, he is often permitted to extend time in that location for pleasure. He likes to merge with the local environment staying in a family guest room through an organization such as:

If I am older and depending on savings, social security and perhaps a small pension  the current economic climate world is simply bewildering. But instead of just jumping into all of the possible scenarios and being distraught not knowing who or what to believe the focus should be on how I want to feel about life. Maybe I want to feel content, have more free time. Maybe what might come up for me is a complete values assessment. The process might lead me to not being concerned with gaining more, but simplifying and getting more out of what I have. Maybe it is time for a move, not a small one, but a big one. Maybe I can live abroad permanently or at least part time more cheaply and extended family can visit me. But it probably won’t be the local media that will give me this information. It will be more specialized and accurate. A newsletter, friend, etc. pointing me to the right website or contact to learn a more real picture. I am writing from Mexico, a superb dollar stretcher . The news would have you believe that the country is falling apart because of the border incidences. Yet what do you hear about the rest of the country and life there? It is normal. Yes there is crime in the big cities, but there is everywhere. It is just that the media is owned by private companies that need to maximize profits and sensationalism increases viewers and readers. I know. I was in the advertising business.  is an example of just such information.

My point In this short essay is that we have to ask internally for what we want and then have our antennae up, but at the same time be mindful that with change taking place so fast failure to do this may be at a price.

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