Where Are My Gifts On The Intelligence Band?

Revelations About Our Intelligence

Our society has long rewarded those with a high IQ. School was designed to reward those who had great linear computing skills. They got into the best universities and moved into the lead positions in society. Later EQ, or emotional intelligence, gained recognition as people skills in a rapidly changing society became essential. People with high EQ’s seemed to blossom as they possessed the ability to solve challenges in which multiple outcomes could be acceptable. Here it was apparent that IQ alone did not measure one’s ability to handle complex relationship skills, and that as these skills became isolated and studied on their own merit a whole new band of the intelligence scale would be formerly recognized. And finally SQ, or Spiritual Quotient, has arrived as an even further refinement.

Zohar and Marshall in their book, SQ, Connecting With Our Spiritual Intelligence imply that it is that part of the intelligence spectrum that measures our ability to reframe, one of the great keys to achieving a state of happiness and balance. I should expand upon this a bit.

Lets say a person loves everything about their job, except their boss. From an IQ point of view one might decide that the answer to one’s problem is that the boss has to go. The fixation is to get rid of the boss and that one decision consumes one’s efforts. Even if successful, there are no assurances a new boss will be better and even could be worse.

From an EQ viewpoint you see options. You could try to get rid of  your boss or you could change your own behavior to give your boss a “new you” to respond to, thereby creating a new dynamic. The issues between you and your boss might dissolve. You might have solved the problem.

From an SQ point of view, not only are you able to employ the EQ options, but no matter what happens you are able to go a step further:  you can accept your boss’s behavior as the best your boss can do, and therefore his or her behavior is to be expected.  You have found a way to not let your boss’s behavior bother you at all.

The Oracle At Delphi urges us to know ourselves. We may find that we struggle to pick up linear solutions. We have to apply more effort. I felt that way in school. Yet our gifts may lie in other bands of the intelligence spectrum. A person who has a high EQ or SQ possesses a way to make relationships smooth and that part of life gracious. Finding out where you are on the intelligence band at least lets you know where your gifts are and where you need to apply yourself.

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