The Fine Line Between Intuition And Insanity

I was having one of those work really hard type of dreams last night. It seemed like I and a few associates were employed in this organization where we were given more and more to do before we could leave work  in the evening. Our little group was also housed in an old two story house with a few bedrooms upstairs and a few downstairs. Maybe only one bathroom. In the dream other people were continuously being moved into the house. It was becoming increasingly overcrowded. I had to go pick up a friend who had come to visit and on the way back to the house was wondering how I was going to put him up. It was frustrating. Then it occurred to me I would give him my bed and I would camp out in the yard. I began to wonder exactly what was going on. Why was this company I worked for giving us so much to do and then why were they moving all of these people in with us, literally to the bursting point? Would we get angry? Or was this a test to see  what we would  do next? Or was this company losing its own grip and had no idea how to handle anything?

Years ago I had the good fortune of spending a week with Peter Caddy at my house in Hawaii. Peter had been a co-founder of the magical Findhorn Gardens in Scotland. Over a cold Heineken beer I asked him what his trip was. He said that since he had left Eileen his wife, and Co-founder of Findhorn, he had been penniless and was living completely on intuition. I asked him how it was going. He said it was maddening. He was always on the edge. Each moment was huge. In the recent past he had constantly visited psychics to get a check on his reality. He said he frequently couldn’t tell the difference between his imagination and his intuition, and he needed to be more certain. While he had been married to Eileen, he had lived on her intuition and as dicey as it might seem at the time it always worked out. He just trusted in her. And now he was having to trust in himself with little or nothing to fall back on.
My reason for writing about the dream  was to say that  like my dream many people are now confronting instability they have never witnessed or experienced: job losses, investments going sour, institutions  counted upon in the past (like rating agencies such as Moody’s) becoming questionable. How do we respond? Who do we turn to? How do we keep our cool?

I have been writing about how learning to trust our intuition is becoming essential. Technology is stealing time. Institutions we depend upon seem to be crumbling.  The environment and climate are changing rapidly. Just being smart doesn’t seem to be good enough. Yet, there also seems to be time, time to learn about out intuition, practice using it for small things, and get feedback. By doing this we will trust the results with more certainty. It will be easier.

So just how do we do this? Psychiatrist, Dr. Kerry Monick, says your intuition is something you literally have, but have no idea how. The information is just there. The trick is to train that capacity. So you set aside time to practice ( like piano or tennis) Note down your results such as getting the parking spot or elevator door opening, or knowing the person calling on the phone before you pick it up. Remember how you feel when you get this right. Then try to retrieve that feeling by practicing more. . By using everyday activities you are more likely to tune in. Date your journal so you can look back and compare. Keep notes in order to follow progress.

If we wait however too long to  hone this skill, it may become more dramatic or as Peter referred to it, maddening!

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