On Photography-Going For The "Aha" Experience

Many years ago I was reading about the experiences the early members of the Spiritual Findhorn Community in Scotland were having.  In particular I was recalling the story about the community member who would sit in front of his Apple computer each day asking it if it were ready. Day after day for the longest period he would turn his computer on, ask this question, wait, and get nothing. But one day not particularly thinking about this ritual, he typed in the question and as the screen brightened up, it said “ YES.”

If you think about what matter looks like under the electron microscope, it appears and then disappears, appears and then disappears. The natural question might be, “What is holding this matter together?” The elements have to be in agreement about holding their configuration. In other words you could make a case for the material  “consciously” holding its shape. From this viewpoint you could also make a case for it being  alive, albeit at a much different vibratory rate than an animal, and that is a conclusion that  physicists are beginning to speculate about the entire universe.


Like the  animal and its’ various organs , when a  machine is created with an array of inorganic components, the final shape is a complex creature working in lockstep. Going a bit further is it not possible that our machines are alive from this point of view? It is not uncommon for people to give their machines names of endearment.  I don’t know about you, but after my car is washed, it always seems to run better.

When I began to dabble in photography a few years ago, I was not then, and still am not a technical person. I want my camera to surprise me. I want to point the camera and somehow get more from the camera than I am imagining.  Maybe at that critical moment when I feel/see a potentially good shot, it is my camera saying “now.” I hope so. It makes for a more exhilarating experience.

Because I am not that proficient, I don’t get that many of those pictures yet. But, as I practice, and become more familiar with my camera’s abilities I would like to think that the “Aha” pictures will appear more frequently.

Above is a picture I captured with a small point and shoot. I used it because I thought  I was just grabbing a quick snapshot, but when I looked at it, it seemed  to have more, like  the qualities of a painting, something that was an “Aha” for me.

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