Go On A Consciousness Day

As I have suggested in my book, How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head Under My Skin and Changed The Way I Think About Thinking, A Creative Thinking Blueprint For The 21st Century( publishing this summer), the source of great ideas could be a partnership between ourselves and partners in other realms. I called them Invisible Partners. For example think of the discoveries of geniuses in recent history such as , Thomas Alva Edison, who at his peak, was making a discovery every two weeks. Or Mozart who actually heard full orchestral movements while a mere child. Or Frank Lloyd Wright who saw complete designs. You could say that these great minds simply drew from their own source. Yet, you could also make an equally compelling case that the source of their inspirations were conscious partners in other realms sending them this information. I gravitate to the idea of the latter. “As above so below” resonates with this point of view for me. It feels more grounded, personal, and within reach. Obviously they had to have the preparation to receive this knowledge. Einstein, for example, had to have the training to understand what E=MC squared meant.

If we look at Jung’s unconscious realms or Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields there is plenty of room to accommodate this point of view. I like to think of “synchronicities” which Jung described as meaningful coincidences, as conscious communications between ourselves and our partners in these other realms. We can either choose to acknowledge them or not. Like any connections, the more we pay attention to  and nurture them, the stronger they can become. As our world speeds up, primarily through technology, and our linear decision making time seems to evaporate, strengthening these links can only improve our lives. Not every connection need be an earth shattering epiphany. Far from it. But small things seen through these lenses can make ordinary daily life feel extraordinary.

One way to engage is to consciously begin to work with your intuition. I like having a “consciousness day.” You can do this by yourself or with a friend. I like to think that a perfect day for this is a Saturday, a day that has a lot of freedom attached to it for those in the work-a-day world. Start at say 9 AM, leaving your living space with absolutely no destination in mind. Walk, drive, anything that suits you. Try to make even the simplest decisions such as going left or right not attached to any preconceived idea. Flip a coin if you are in neutral. Let yourself just go. If you or your partner get a strong feeling to go into a building, bookstore, coffee shop, etc. do so. Let the time unfold. Obviously mother nature will intervene with hunger or “gotta go” breaks and those will pull you in certain directions. Pay attention to what you see such as billboards, signs, items in shop windows, people, vehicles. Whom do you begin to talk to? Note where that conversation leads and or where you go as a result.

At the end of the day note where you went, whom you spoke with and what you saw or heard. Did someone or something you had been thinking about show up? Did some idea pop into your head? Did you make a discovery?

How was this day for you? How did it feel looking at it from this point of view?

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