Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-Closing In(4).

This is a close up view of the second floor. As mentioned  previously post the second floor hangs from the ceiling via rods that are secured to the glulam beams at the top and the second floor beams under the second floor decking. If you squint you can see the rods. On this floor were four bedrooms. The view  is from the entrance to the master bedroom looking down the corrid0r. The two bedrooms to the immediate left were intended originally for two young boys. At the far end was the bedroom intended for the daughter. You can see how the big beams were craddled into the  steel posts. All of the front would eventually be covered in glass. After this floor was installed we found that it squeaked. We laid down three quarter inch plywood on the entire floor to remedy this. You can get a better feel for the sixteen inch block that formed a basket weave appearance in the cylinder to the immediate left. We installed exhaust fans here, thinking we might have heat gain, but they were never used as the temperature and ventilation were perfect.

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