Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-6th Post In A Series

This series of photos gives you a view of the rear of the house from the entrance driveway. You can see the berm and then the prow of the house as it protrudes. The driveway descends downward and to the left into the carport and entrance area. Above and to the back of the carport is the master bedroom. The roof is flat made by spraying down foam and covering it with an elastomeric seal. This method was chosen so as to create the most desirable coefficient of expansion between different materials. Attached to the roof is a facia made with a styrofoam yielding copper patina effect. Wright  liked creating a sense of mystery . In many homes and buildings the entire personality of the house is entirely out front. There is a big entrance, facade,  columns etc.: in short these are elements that say it all before one even enters the structure. Wright understood the joy of curiosity. For example you approach this house from the rear, and it is mostly hidden. As you come down past the carport and approach the entrance you still see nothing grand. In fact you almost have to search for the entrance down a breezeway past the carport. You are actually led past a rather lackluster carport. In this way one’s curiosity is continuously piqued. More on this subject  in the next post.

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  1. Dear Sandy:

    We had a great time visiting you in San Migual and the nice dinner. We enjoyed the town and all the sights. We are planning for a return visit in Jan of 2011. Mark is in Los Angeles filming a documentary for about ten days. Thank you so very much for your hospitality say hello to Patty.

    Dick and Carol Powell

  2. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!

  3. After searching Ask I found your site about Creative Thinking Book » Blog Archive » Building A Frank Lloyd Wright House-6th Post In A Series – making the ordinary extraordinary . I think both are good and I will be coming back to you and them in the future. Thanks

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