Building A Frank Lloyd Wright Design-The layout (2)

This is the second post in a series of the construction of the Frank Lloyd Wright home on the Island of Hawaii. This construction began in 1992. The ground had to be leveled by using a hoe ram to break up blue rock, and a bulldozer to grade the surface.  Then fine compaction was brought in so that the final  structure would move on the compaction as one unit if there were an earthquake. (It turned out that once the structure was complete there was an earthquake of 6.9 on the Richter scale. Not so much as a crack appeared on the cement floor.) Then forms were made for all of the footings. Frank Lloyd Wright designed on the unit system. This house was based on the circle with the design incorporating intersecting circles. To obtain the right measurements a large pole was installed in the back center of the front yard so that the large sweeping arc of the back of the house could accurately be scribed  from  string attached to the pole. The picture is slightly deceiving because the arc in the rear is much larger than it appears in the picture. The round footing area is the cylinder which would house an two upstairs bathrooms and a downstairs bathroom and utility room. In the far distance, covered by cloud, is the base of Mauna Kea volcano.

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