Building A Frank Lloyd Wright Design- The Framing (3)

This is the third post on the construction process of  one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s original designs. Here we are well along in construction. The block work is corral aggregate dredged from Oahu. It added an additional sense of aliveness to the building in that the walls were once life forms from the sea. Virtually all of the 4×16″ smooth bricks in this house were hand cut to accommodate their being laid on the curve. The concave shaped front of the house has steel posts that allowed for large glue lam beams to be inserted like spokes, stretching  back and resting on the top of  the back brick wall. large steel  tie rods will be  bolted to the big beams and attached to the second floor beams.  The second floor will “hang” from the ceiling thereby eliminating the need for posts between the first and second floor. The optical effect is one of creating a merging of indoor and outdoor spaces as experienced while being on the ground floor. The ends of the house are reinforced brickwork also. The over all effect is to create one cohesive unit. In an earthquakes it will  move like one unit. The house is built in a seismic zone 5. A four inch concrete “working pad” has been poured on the footprint of the first floor. Later a rubber membrane will be applied and a second four inch concrete  pad will be added. At one end of the curve will be a dining cover. Standing  here one’s eye  can follow the back wall of the living space around to the alcove at the far end looking through a massive two story glass prow shape.

This view is taken from an island way in front of the house. A seasonal stream which can be quite substantial passes below the house but can be viewed from the first floor  at the prow.

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