Finally, Some Real News! Think About The Implications!

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In the past UFO’s, ET’s, aliens etc. have been marginalized. At this very moment people are stepping forward with evidence that cannot be denied. But ordinary people, even those with high credibility have been discounted.

Things have just changed!!

Here is a truly profound statement. It is something that you might  have heard, but this is the first time that it is coming from such a high government official,  The Minister of  Canadian Defense. He would be in a position to not only have privileged information, but to be sure of his facts before he spoke.  He is talking about extra terrestrials, their presence, and the reasons their presence  has been kept away from us. It might take awhile for this to sink in, but here it is:

Canada’s Minister of National Defense speaks articulately and from his heart, in saying that we need full disclosure that we’re living in a cosmos teeming with life; to become spiritual beings and live by the golden rule; etc.

BREAKING!!! 2013 UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer

Using Metaphysical Guides To Help Sort Out Life’s Adventures.

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I often hear people bunk astrology, numerology, and the mystical predictors. It may be true that they are not accurate in the microcosm of daily life, but  I tend to like the macro picture.  It seems to be more accurate than inaccurate. We do exist in huge energy fields and the pattern of energy at the moment we were born seems like it could have some influence on us.  There are always those whom say that there is not scientific energy to give credibility. Yet absence of proof is not proof of absence.

So if the possibilities of harmonious alignments are valid, then what would be the harm in accepting them as so?  I recently planned a two month trip which was influenced by my astrocartography chart.  This is map of Geographical influences based upon astrology. My chart said that favorable influences existed in both Cape Town and Buenos Aires.  If I chose to go to these areas more compatibility and positive enhancements might present themselves. So if I were indifferent to any number of locations on my list and it turned out the astrocartography predictions might be more right than wrong, why not align with the potential.

One of the locations that was advantageous for me was Buenos Aires, sometimes referred to as the New York of South America.  I had a friend, Fabian,  there and must admit that right away that made a great difference.  It was to be my stopover going to and returning from Cape Town. I wanted to see how the city felt.  And as we all know, we simply resonate with certain places .

So what did I find out? read more »

Come And Be A Kid Again

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This was the headline my partner, Rich, wrote for an advertising account which put on county fairs. It was written years ago when we were in the ad game.  I woke up this morning with this mantra reverberating in my mind. I realized how important it was, and like a dream that you can remember while coming out of the reverie state, the details of the dream will be gone in a flash if you don’t consciously catch them. I lay there trying to imagine all of the things that used to go through my mind at various ages.  But most importantly I tried to remember what I thought about when I was free to imagine and to  just check it out.  Let me stop here because it is at the interface of being a responsible member of the culture, setting family and grownup responsibilities aside, and just being free that I want to re-visit.

It is to this interface or portal  to which I want to return, because it is at this juncture that we are herded away and  into the dictates of our world. We stop  investigating that other portal. Once we start down the path of adult learning and  responsibilities our minds become absorbed with just how to do this. We are eager to learn what the new rules are, because not learning them seems to deliver pain. We want to belong and have fun, and we don’t know where the limits of our freedom ends and adult behavior begins.  We learn manners, how to dress, what to say; in short we learn what our parents, teachers, and other grown ups tell us we must do. Then of course we observe that some of us have more or less than others. We observe kindness, strictness, and meanness. There is more. read more »

Cape Town South Africa Through Rose Tinted Glasses

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After little over three weeks, I find myself leaving on a jet plane. It has been a mixture of feelings. I reflect. On the one hand the communities are clean, crisp and orderly. There is a sense of pride and knowledge of what makes a city desirable.  Then there are the townships, which I just glimpsed. Perhaps I did not want to know more.

My driver from the airport was young and cheerful. He had been quick to point out all the breathtaking sites  as we approached this thoroughly modern city with one of the grandest natural back drops on the planet. Mountains practically dropping out of the sky into the ocean and of course the natural wonder, Table Mountain with a cap of billowing clouds are just magestic.  Cape Town feels like a city with everything yet on an extremely manageable scale, easy to navigate, inviting and fun to walk.  The crispness of the architecture, touches of Dutch colonial interspersed with modern fusions surprise you at every intersection. The colors are bright yet tasteful. The range is phenomenal. I guess it’s in the DNA.  Long Street offers hints of New Orleans with laced iron work on many of the buildings. Cafes, coffee house, art galleries, clothing boutiques, interior design shops, curio and souvenir shops, you name it.  You will wander down side streets to the open markets of masks, beads, wood and metal work and be mesmerized. Museums and parks are just around a corner.

The city feels rich because it is city where tourists come to visit and those with means, and there are many, have second, third or perhaps more homes around the world and this is one of them. New Mercedes, BMW’s, and Audi’s are common. The pace is casual.

Virtually around a hill you find Camp’s bay with a dazzling white beaches meeting natures sculpted rock outcroppings. Elegant homes, Apartment and condominiums, dot the mountain to sea landscape. It is breathtaking. But there is more… read more »

Why Are We Drawn To Danger?

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My New Friend

I am in Cape Town now, an exquisitely beautiful city at the tip of Africa. Yesterday we ventured out to a wildlife reserve. Aside from riding around in a partially open vehicle through areas with lions, elephants, Cape Town buffalo and rhino you could for an extra fee go spend time with the cheetahs.

I learned that cheetahs are capable of being domesticated and they were the cats of royalty. Yet, they are wild animals, with killing for survival built into their DNA.  So on the one hand I was attracted to this experience and on the other hand, I realized that this animal in a nano second could do a great deal of harm. I calculated the risk and decided it was worth it. Why? My mind had decided that they just couldn’t be offering this experience if there were casualties strewn about, yet there would always be that chance of  startling or touching in the wrong way, and paying a severe price.

I found it exhilarating to find my arm being licked by this incredible creature, a powerful cat capable of accelerating from zero to sixty miles and hour in three seconds. As the tongue,  courser than any sand paper I have ever touched, worked its’ way up and down my arm and leg, I realized how vulnerable  I was; but also how exciting it felt. It was the thrill of a new frontier, of extending my own personal boundary.

I felt like this experience is the metaphor constantly in front of us for reaching out of our comfort zones and trying something new. It doesn’t matter what it is. It is the idea that we just find that comfort edge and consciously go a little further.

There is the resistance in our minds,  that voice that finds all of the rational reasons not to take a chance. Then there is the countervailing voice that says, “What if you do? How good will you feel for having tried something new.” Better yet, after such an experience, how did you feel?  I must admit that as  I rode home, I thought of how unusual this experience was, it was a first,  and how empowering it made me feel. And perhaps that is why we are drawn to a little danger. If we face it and get through it, we feel stronger and more alive. I am not talking about recklessness  such as riding in a speeding car with a drunk driver: I am talking about a reasonable return on one’s apprehension.  It is related to the fear of embarrassment. The idea that we will look foolish if we fail. But as a friend of mine once said, “Be embarrassed once a week, for you will know you are truly alive.”

Is there  something you’ve been wanting to do, but have  felt resistance.   Ask yourself how good you’ll feel if you do it , and you succeed. Maybe it is time to pet the Cheetah.

How Art Transcends Politics

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How Art Transcends Politics

I have been writing about serendipity, and lately have gotten a bit lazy in my writing regimen. However, last night I serendipitously was watching “Under African Skies” the story of how Paul Simon enabled art to do what it can magically do under the right circumstances.

This was a PBS special which told of how Simon in an effort to reach for a breakthrough idea fused the magic of South African music and the music of the West.  It culminated in the production of “Graceland,” an album which was transcendent in its nature. While accomplishing this musical miracle the law of unintended consequences reared its’ ugly head. He had failed to obtain the blessing of the ANC in their battle against apartheid. His comment was that he had not paid any attention to politics and he and his South African musicians were only interested in the magic of the artistry: in other words he was producing art for the sake of art not subjected to the control of politics and those who control politics. What happened? read more »

Five Things That Make A Great Teacher

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a longing student

I attended the Miami Book Fair a few weeks ago  and took a workshop in fiction writing.  I chose this topic because our teacher, Colin Channer,  was the great teacher I am referring to above.

So what in my opinion makes a great teacher? read more »

The View From The Miami Book Fair

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The many faces of Miami

I hadn’t been here in years. It is truly a blend of cultures. You feel like you’re in Latin America. You speak in English. The response is in Spanish.

I am attending the Miami Book Fair and writing workshops. Not  sure why I really came, but on paper I can give you plenty of rational answers. Curiosity is probably at the core. I have never been to one, and my friend,  Billy Gwynn,  has just finished a manuscript.  I am hopeful.  I have a book that needs a bit of a jump start . Maybe I can get re-energized.

Each night there is a prominent author  speaker. They  are all at the top of their game. Here’s the line up. read more »

Why I haven’t been writing lately

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I wrote a book over a year ago and of course had to begin the equally as daunting task of marketing it. I really didn‘t want to work that hard, so of course the book has languished a bit.  In a way I think I became self-conscious about offering so much advice and secondly I found that the more I learned the less I knew.

More importantly I, like so many people, have lived the kind of life where value seemed to accrue to what I had accomplished. Or I had been so thoroughly indoctrinated (infected) by  “The Protestant Work Ethic” that I had forgotten that it did not have to apply now.

Yet we are some how hard wired to be constant learning machines, and in the process are doing machines at the same time. Nothing wrong with this, mind you, except that it is possible to zoom right past the simple pleasures of life store without realizing that that is where it is time to be shopping.

For example as a business person I might have ordered flowers, but I never took the time to appreciate them. I used to learn what I thought I needed to know in order to  further my economic footing in the world. Now I take Spanish because I am living in Mexico a good bit of the time and it helps to learn the language.  However, I’m not in any crash course.  A little bit seeps in every day and that is good enough.  I took up tennis and they have clay courts in this lovely community of San Miguel de Allende.  I find that it is fun to improve, but it is more fun to enjoy the people in the game and to laugh when the ball goes out rather than to swear.  The biggest challenge has been to hang in the learning Argentine Tango process. I saw these older people really enjoying themselves and looking sensational. I thought, “ Well, that could be me in time.” Having said that I have been at it for almost two years. The lessons are ok, but the practice seems more like work. So needless to say this is progressing at an extremely slow pace.  While I would like to be an instant whizz, I have to be accepting that the lazy man’s way to Tango enlightenment is a slow journey: and that’s ok too.

So while on the earnings fast track the value of time was that it was available for work, and life was highly structured.  Now that fast track has been removed and time has expanded, there is the guilt of not feeling like I am accomplishing things fast enough.  But I am getting over that.  Peter Russell, the British philosopher, said that the old paradigm was “Time is money.” But the new paradigm is,  “ Money is time.” The more disposable time we have the richer we are.  Richer meaning that we have the luxury of time to not just do but appreciate the simple marvels around us.

I am at the Miami Book Fair and Writer’s institute now just following my intuition and meeting a friend who has finished a rough manuscript. This is a good pace. Will report on what happens.

If I Were Getting Ready To Make My Way In The World

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Just awhile ago I was having lunch with a friend and her daughter,  and the challenge of what a young person might do was the topic of conversation. When I was getting out of college and graduate school, there were all kinds of employment opportunities. Today that isn’t the case. Looking back were I to be entering the market today, and looking through my present day lens now, I might think along these lines: read more »

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